The Role of a Strength Coach in Athlete Discipline

Defining the role and responsibilities of the strength and conditioning coach is a complex challenge. Coaches are faced with more demands than ever, and clarity of what is best practice is a growing concern with the public and administrators. CoachMePlus reached out to leaders in the strength and conditioning profession to shape the future in improving the standard of practice, and asked specific questions that could transform how athletes are developed and the welfare is safeguarded.

Twitter chats are a structured live discussion session where a moderator (us) posts discussion questions and our followers respond. Each response is tied to a question, so the effect is an online panel discussion entirely in written form. This format allows each coach to explain their point without being interrupted by other coaches.







The respondents consisted of the following coaches:

Bob Alejo - Head of Sports Science at PowerLift

Bob Alejo

Director of Sports Science at Power Lift. Bob has worked in strength and conditioning for UCLA, Oakland Athletics, and North Carolina State.

Nate Brookerson - NC State

Nate Brookerson

Director of Strength and Conditioning at North Carolina State.


Kurt Hester

Director of Sport Performance at LA Tech.

Dr John Wagle - Doctoral Fellow at ETSU

Dr. John Wagle

Doctoral Fellow at ETSU and former Director of Sports Performance at DePaul.

Dr. Jordan Moon - Sports Science Educational Board Member at Power Lift

Dr. Jordan Moon

Executive Director of Research and Education at ImpediMed and a Sports Science Educational Board Member at PowerLift.


Rob Pacey

Host of the Pacey Performance Podcast.

Gary McCoy - Sports Performance Scientist

Gary McCoy

Sports Performance Scientist. Director of High Performance for CPBL Chinatrust Brothers.