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Springfield College’s very own, Dr. Brian Thompson, Director of Strength and Conditioning/Head Strength and Conditioning Coach took some time out of his busy schedule to share his thoughts on the importance of athlete monitoring/compliance, mentoring graduate assistants and interns, nutrition and how it’s overlooked in discussions about sports science, and more.


Video Transcript with Dr. Brian Thompson:

01:36: Kevin introduces Dr. Brian Thompson from Springfield College.
05:14: History of success at Springfield College’s strength and conditioning program.
08:01: Biggest changes in strength and conditioning Thompson has dealt with.
11:51: Determining what changes in technology are legitimate.
19:24: The importance of nutrition and it being overlooked in discussions about sports science.
26:20: Simplifying the process of helping athletes determine what they need.
30:41: Gathering information from athletes on a regular basis.
36:11: Most effective ways to create and maintain athlete engagement.
42:07: Improving programs in order to help students become great sports scientists and coaches.
49:55: Dr. Brian Thompson’s travels and what is next for him.
50:44: Kevin’s closing statements.