Athlete Management System for Decision Making

The era of sports science in the world of competitive team sports is still in its infancy, but the movement’s technological underpinnings are beginning to settle. Motion sensors and computer vision track athletes movement patterns and force production. New platforms for chemical sensors tell more and more about athletes physiological makeup. And the simple, everpresent questionnaires, weigh-ins and heart rate measures have proven value. All that data gets funneled into computer interfaces, and sports management moves irreversibly towards evidence- and analytics-based decision-making.

One core piece of emerging sports science technology is Athlete Management System (AMS) software (like CoachMePlus). Think of it as a scaffold for teams to build their sports science programs and their secret sauce. The increasing adoption of these software platforms speaks to the value they have for teams, but heads up, these are new products in a relatively new market.

AMS administrators are advocates when it comes to working with CoachMePlus or any of the developers of the technology. Administrators are the voice of their team’s otherwise voiceless stakeholders who benefit from the technology. The better those team-side communication channels are working, the more aware AMS administrators are of their needs when they have their conversations with their technology partners.

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