The Cincinnati Reds have selected CoachMePlus to enhance the club’s applied sports science program. The CoachMePlus athlete data management system provides the Reds with unique performance analytics to help monitor players’ daily status and readiness.

“In professional sports we have access to more data than ever before, so it is important to maximize our ability to use that data to help our players improve and stay healthy,” says Director of Sports Science Initiatives Charles Leddon. “We are using CoachMePlus to assist us in better utilizing and communicating that information to our players and coaching staff.”

CoachMePlus is working with the Reds to create one centralized management system for athlete performance data. CoachMePlus has developed customized reports and dashboards designed to support the team’s specific needs including assessment monitors and off-season workouts. The CoachMePlus software can be utilized throughout the organization by players, coaches, athletic trainers and front office personnel.

“We are committed to being on the cutting edge of technology, which is an area of professional sports that is progressing rapidly,” says Sam Grossman, Assistant General Manager of the Reds. “Forming a partnership with CoachMePlus is another stride forward in ensuring the Reds are at the forefront of these endeavors.”