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ATLANTA and NEW YORK CITY (December 16, 2015)Fusionetics, an evidence-based human performance and training platform, and CoachMePlus, a web-based software application developed to design, manage, track and report the training efforts of an athlete, have entered into a technology and distribution partnership.

“By partnering with CoachMePlus, we are delivering one integrated Performance Healthcare Solution together across professional and collegiate sports,” said Dr. Micheal A. Clark, CEO and founder of Fusionetics. “This partnership uniquely positions us to directly serve the entire sports medicine staff, athletic trainer, strength and conditioning, and front office with truly the most innovative and comprehensive athlete management system in the market today.”

The combination of CoachMePlus functionality with the Fusionetics Athlete Performance Solution is a comprehensive, collaborative platform for athletes, coaches, athletic trainers, clinicians, sport scientists and team front office executives.

About Fusionetics — Fusionetics, developed under the leadership of Dr. Micheal A. Clark and a group of Scientists, Sports Medicine Professionals, Coaches, Athletes and Business Leaders, is a system that was designed and utilized in the world of professional sports to help athletes improve their performance, speed their recovery and avoid future injury.

Fusionetics works with more than 60 teams across the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS and NCAA.  Designed with this application in mind the company has taken decades of proven scientific research and field-testing to deliver a user-friendly platform. It is scientifically valid and accessible on any digital platform, phone or tablet.  This program platform allows for any individual from age 9-99 to move better, perform better and feel better. To learn more about Fusionetics, visit www.fusionetics.com.