In the News: Building a Remote Training Platform for a Sustainable Future

by | Feb 17, 2022

Building with the CoachMePlus Omnichannel Fitness Program

Safe to say, I had tried many fitness programs, but CoachMePlus’s Omnichannel Fitness program completely blew me away. There is nothing I’ve seen like it. It goes beyond program building to allow for in-depth analysis through specialized reports. It has athlete-facing dashboards and allows for the sharing of individualized videos.

Once we decided to go with CoachMePlus, we hustled and built out all our programs in the CoachMePlus app in just a couple of months. This was no easy feat. Getting started is usually the hardest step to take, but we were able to bulk upload our training videos; duplicate sets, workouts, and progressions to build programs; and give limited or full access to all our coaches.


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