In The News: Made in Taiwan: An Injury-Free Baseball Season

by | Mar 23, 2021


Beyond his hands-on work with athletes in Taiwan, McCoy endeavored to keep all the departments—skill coaches, strength coaches, training staff, medical team—working collaboratively rather than operating in silos. “In sports settings, what I’ve seen in a couple teams now, is there’s a lot of experts, but they’re just chefs in their own kitchen and just function very independently,” Hsieh says. “There’s not a lot of people bringing all that together.”

The performance department bought Whoop straps, and later Oura rings, to keep tabs on player recovery. They implemented fitness assessments with force plates and used GymAware for velocity-based training—a method of using sensors to measure the speed at which an athlete moves weight in order to quantify workout intensity. McCoy studied TrackMan data closely to gauge pitcher workload and detect early signs of problems. All of the data was collated in the CoachMePlus athlete management system, with TrackMan and the Whoop/Oura devices driving most of the readiness decisions.

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