CoachMePlus Value Added Reseller (VAR) Relationship

What is a Value Added Reseller (VAR) Anyway?

VAR is a computer industry term that stands for Value Added Reseller.  There are not a lot of VAR’s in the athletic world, but they are extremely common in the computer world.  Some of the biggest names in technology in the United States (Microsoft, Oracle, Dell, etc.) provide many of their products to the market through a network of VAR’s.  A value added reseller will take a technology product and provide a group of services around it.  The customer is looking for a solution, and they are happy when a VAR walks in the door and solves their problem with a bundle of software, hardware, and consulting.

Most gym equipment is directly sold from a manufacturer or distributor to the coach or gym owner.  Squat racks are not sold into a gym through a VAR; it is hard to add value to a steel rack.  The arrival of sports science has significantly complicated the job of strength coaches and head coaches at all levels.

We typically work with two types of VARs: large athlete performance groups and device companies

Large Athlete Performance Groups

Some of our big professional and collegiate athletic programs have a complex sports science configurations.  Small colleges and high schools do not need a complex sports science program, but they can still benefit from what we call “small school sports science” or “sports science on a budget.”

Large performance groups are typically performance gyms with multiple locations and clients.  In addition to their own athletes, these groups will often have business relationships with multiple sporting organizations including high schools, small colleges, and even professional teams.  The CoachMePlus platform allows strength and performance coaches to easily deliver a program to multiple organizations at the same time.  This relationship allows the performance group to closely monitor the athletes while not being on-site on a daily basis.  In order to be considered for a VAR relationship, the performance gym must:

  • Be a current CoachMePlus client
  • Be an expert in the CoachMePlus platform.  CoachMePlus is a very large piece of enterprise software that supports hundreds of possible configurations, workflows, and use-cases.  VARs must be able to understand the clients need and configure the client’s CoachMePlus installation to meet their needs.
  • Have a large, existing performance gym with multiple existing business relationships with outside teams such as colleges and high-schools.

Device Companies

CoachMePlus works with many hardware device companies and athlete monitoring applications.  Device companies can generate incredibly valuable athlete information, but using this new information to help make a daily coaching decision is not an easy task.  CoachMePlus provides low-level functionality in its athlete performance system that makes the device data more valuable within the team setting.  Example of such low level functionality include athlete groups, permission management, display monitors, dashboards, reporting, alerts, and Algorithm Engine.  Algorithm Engine is a flexible system that allows coaches to input their own proprietary formulas and use specific device data as an input to some of their own internal metrics.