Human Performance Software

Helping coaches and athletes work together to achieve their performance and fitness goals.

CoachMePlus exists to help Coaches and Athletes communicate interactively to achieve a mission

We passionately believe that the whole is better than the sum of its parts. As such, CM+ exists to help coaches and fitness experts favorably effect the performance of their athletes, in turn increasing the productivity and talent of the “parts” of their organization.

Human Performance Software Powerful for All

Strength Coach

Maximizes the potential of every athlete with a full suite of Strength and Conditioning Tools.

Personal Trainer

Improves the lives of their clients with Personalized Training and Nutrition Tracking.

Sports Scientist

Optimizes human performance using Applied Sport Science and Data Visualization.

Built for Champions. A Full Suite of Tools to Help You Achieve Your Human Performance Goals

Full Workout App

Program out training regiments down to the last rep. Easily copy and share workouts across athletes and training groups while instantly recording completion, workload, and progression. Keep track of progress with our human performance software.

Data Analysis Suite

Use reporting features to visualize athlete training and have unlimited access to print or export data points organized how you need them. Create a clear summary of athletic training, rehabilitation, and recovery trends with the click of a button.

Hydration Station

Create better hydration habits by setting up the CoachMePlus Hydration Station module for your team. Track electrolytes through the advanced algorithm to ensure proper hydration and aid injury prevention.

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