How it works

Within the CoachMePlus software, each player’s information is entered into the athlete management system, with specifics of any restrictions that the athlete might have and any position(s) they play. Coaches are able to develop custom workout routines and assign each workout to an individual or a group of athletes. All athlete information is entered, viewed, and modified within the player dashboard; a quick drag-and-drop program building tool allows the trainer to modify group or single workout routines as needed per athlete.

CoachMePlus also allows the Coach to upload custom videos to the training platform so your athlete can have immediate and repeat access to a demonstration of the exercise. This feature will allow your athlete to perform the workout correctly; enhancing their fitness benefits and decreasing the chance of injury – all without the personal assistance of a trainer!

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Design, Manage, Track & Report

CoachMePlus player dashboard across devices

Your athlete’s training efforts and performance is managed, tracked, and reported all within CoachMePlus, a professionally recognized web-based fitness intelligence application. Coaches are able to customize the CoachMePlus system specifically to each of their athletes. Once the platform has been designed by the Coach with specific workout routines for each of their athletes, individual efforts and performance are tracked and reported within the CoachMePlus dashboard. Data integration, cloud integration and mobile device support make CoachMePlus the complete athlete management system used by pro athletes!