About us

About Us

A full sport science suite to help you win championships

What is CoachMePlus?

CoachMePlus is an applied sports science platform that is changing the way coaches and athletes prepare for competition.

Who are we?

Based in Buffalo New York, CoachMePlus is a world leading athlete data and analytics software provider.  We have experience working with athletes from high-school to pro-sports levels. Additionally, we work with the US military, industrial athletes, and many other clients in varying fields.

How do we help?

CoachMePlus focuses on making data collection and analysis more applied and simpler for coaches to manage. Additionally, its powerful software provides teams the most complete set of tools for safely preparing athletes for competition.

Clients across all major sports leagues



Sports teams at all levels rely on CoachMePlus to power their human strength and conditioning programs. 



More than 12,000 athletes count on CoachMePlus to stay on track with their training and Prepare to Win. 

High Performance Data, All in One Place


Easy to use programming makes CoachMePlus perfect for Coaches assurance that their athletes are safely preparing for competition.


Easily communicate between key members within your organization all on one platform. Conveniently annotate daily activities for easy access on a secure platform.


Make sure all of your athletes’ data is tracked and organized. Everything from workout completion to post-workout hydration.


Easily view your athletes’ data to make informed decisions about their training. Back your training methodology with real sports science.


CoachMePlus can provide cross-data reporting that other systems cannot.  Select any data point in the system to generate historical trend reporting.


Make sure your athletes are in optimal shape to compete. With a complete set of strength and conditioning tools, your athletes’ training will pay off.  Prepare to win.

CoachMePlus Management

Our management team has built industry-leading technology for over 15 years. The company founders include 3 college classmates and 2 brothers who have built one of the most powerful tools in Human Performance.

Kevin Dawidowicz

A former software developer turned entrepreneur, Kevin has been working side-by-side with strength and conditioning coaches for nearly 20 years. He now provides guidance on product initiatives for industry-leading technology used by the United States Navy (USN), United States Air Force (USAF), and other Department of Defense (DoD) organizations.

Teo Balbach

Teo Balbach has been the CEO of CoachMePlus for over seven years, and had the good fortune of working with coaches and trainers at many of the nation’s top sports and fitness organizations.  Before CoachMePlus, Teo was a Principal at Mercury Capital Partners for 12 years, a mid-sized private equity group.  Prior engagements include Microsoft, Kenan Systems (bought by Lucent for $1.3 billion), and a Softbank digital rights management company.  Mr. Balbach received an M.B.A. from Dartmouth a B.A. in Economics from Harvard College.

Stephen Ostrow

As Vice President of Engineering, Stephen’s role is to focus on resources, budget, process, scheduling and product delivery. He is responsible for engineering, shipping and management of regular product releases and ensuring stability through unit testing and the implementation of best practices. He achieves this by recruiting, mentoring and managing the engineering team with the use of agile development processes.

Liz Young

Co-founder Liz Young, a former 2-sport D1 athlete, brings over 15 years of software service industry operations, project management, user experience, and software design experience to the team. Liz has spent the last decade working side-by-side with fortune 500 companies, designing and delivering world-class software products that are used by millions of consumers globally.

Mike Dawidowicz

Mike is an entrepreneur, community organizer, crypto/blockchain/web developer, 43 North Winner, Startup Weekend Winner, and BETA Winner, who has raised over $2M in his time with and before CoachMePlus. He is a co-founder and serves as the VP of Technology.