Industrial Athletes

Scaleable Worker Safety Management

Protect industrial athletes with screening, strength building, and movement programs

Worker Safety and Injury Prevention

Industrial athletes are not professional athletes, but they can use certain athletic management protocols to make sure safety is the workplace’s top priority.

Safety and injury prevention goals can be achieved through personal interventions and automated technology.


CoachMePlus monitors and screens, workers to provide individualized assessments and solutions, to drive interventions at scale.

Custom Alerts

Receive alerts programmed based on hydration, injuries, or even to alert workers when they need a 15 minute break.


Transform simple tracking into a pragmatic way to ensure workers are hydrated with daily weigh-in and weigh-out.

Movement Screening

Our FMS integration allows for individualized movement corrections.

Worker Readiness

Monitor internal and external variables to determine job performance readiness.

Company-wide Contact

Coordinate across the entire organization with custom roles and permissions.

Full Customization

Use the Algorithm Engine to run custom calculations in real-time.

Device Integrations

Pull in testing and monitoring data from over 60 devices.

Save Time

Save time with self-assessments and provide a scalable solution.


In-app messaging removes privacy challenges and solves the need to contact workers instantly with a fully integrated, mobile tool.

Roles & Permissions

Security and permission-based access is controlled through a robust permissions management system for groups and individuals.

Automatic Assignment

After screenings, fitness and recovery programs can be automatically assigned. Regularly scheduled fitness requirements can be assigned based on group, or anything else.

Elite-level data privacy

HIPAA is in our rearview mirror. We have military-grade cybersecurity so that data stays completely private.

Fully customizable software

Pull in all your device data. Use the Algorithm Engine to run calculations and perform analyses. Sip your coffee while our platform crunches the numbers for you.