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Use your expertise to design, build, and schedule elite training for your athletes.

    Program Builder

A fully comprehensive and streamlined strength and conditioning software that allows you to design, push, and assign custom created workouts for athlete’s training in the gym or with correspondence environments.


Workout Designer

Design every aspect of your athletes workouts from individual exercise movements to mass training group programs.

Exercise Library

Select from premium pre-designed strength and conditioning exercises to build your athletes.  

Exercise Video Examples

Use expert created exercise video examples to seamlessly educate your athletes on training movements.

Save Workout Templates

Stay organized and save time by easily designing programs team wide using customizable workout templates.

See how the Chicago White Sox use the Program Builder to develop their athletes.

   Athlete Schedule

The calendar feature guides daily workflows so each athlete is properly supported and organized. The athlete schedule is more than a calendar, it’s a collaborative solution that saves time and reduces headaches.


View Athlete Training Assignments

Quickly see what is on an athletes to do list and check for compliance with designed workouts.

Guide Your Athletes Workflow

Give your athlete an automatic “get done today” list without the headache of manually contacting them.

Affordable packages for any budget.


Automatically collect thousands of data points for your athletes without wasting coaching and staff time and money.

Athlete Questionnaires

Ready to deploy, standardized surveys allow for both mobile or kiosk style interaction with athletes. Questionnaires deliver athlete wellness and RPE data and integrate seamlessly with dashboards and reporting.


Daily Wellness Questionnaire

Get a snapshot view of your athlete’s current state. Benchmark your athletes’ mood, sleep quality, and muscle soreness to make informed training decisions.

Daily RPE Questionnaire

View into your athlete’s rated perceived exertion and pull key insights about your athletes’ development, daily status, and game day readiness.

Custom Questionnaires

Create unique, personalized questionnaires for in-depth insights into your athletes’ conditioning and own your athletes’ development.

   Hydration Station

Optimize workflow with the ability to monitor athlete hydration daily with the Hydration Station module. This software solution transforms simple tracking into a pragmatic way to ensure athletes are hydrated using available hydrators in your facility.


Balance Fluid Levels

Seamlessly guide an entire team to rehydrate after every workout to ensure proper fluid balance. Keep detailed Sodium, Chloride, Potassium, and H20 balances across an entire team.

Streamline Hydration

Athletes can easily weigh in before and after training sessions for the Hydration Station’s advanced algorithm to create restorative hydration suggestions.

Promote Hydration Habits

Remind athletes daily the needs to maintain proper hydration levels throughout a training or game season. Enforce habits that will reduce injuries and create a healthier athletes.

   Weight Tracking

This feature solves athlete body mass tracking with simple client weight entry and tracking. Weight can be entered manually or via device integrations.


Automatic Data Collection

Athletes weigh in and weigh out data is instantly tracked and stored within the platform.

Weight In/Out Visualization

Athlete weight is easily accessible within the system. The data is shared instantly across the many features within CoachMePlus and can be quickly viewed for analytical use.

   CM+ Bluetooth Scale

This feature includes a wireless scale that connects directly into the CM+ platform. Each team or facility can efficiently weigh in and weigh out athletes without the need to manually input athlete body mass.

Bluetooth Scale CoachMePlus

Efficient Weigh In/Outs

The CoachMePlus Bluetooth Scale partnered with Team Access Point allows the athletes to simply select their profile, step on the scale, step off the scale, and continue with their day.

Durable and Accurate Scale

Athlete weight is easily accessible within the system. The data is shared instantly across the many features within CoachMePlus and can be quickly viewed for analytical use.

   Team Access Point

Centralized monitoring with the Team Access Point, using a team tablet or other devices this feature allows the entire team to access their questionnaires, weight entries, testings, and workouts efficiently through one easy to use platform. An effective way to manage athletes and staff without complicated navigation.


Guide Workflows

Give your athletes easy navigations to access their daily training to-dos. By simply clicking on their face an athlete has access to every training task assigned to them.

Increase Efficiency

Using simple navigation athletes and coaches will spend less time digging through excel files and pdfs to monitor and execute training tasks. Team Access Point’s interface is intuitive and quick.

   Assessment Monitor

Get a complete view of all your athletes and track their training compliance in real time on one screen. Set up and customize the display to include any data of your choosing.

Compliance Monitor

Coaches can see their athletes live progression throughout a training day.

Custom Assessment Monitor

Build a custom alert motor so everyone is connected and informed of vital changes in athlete status. Includes custom color alerts based on specified thresholds.

Stop Injuries Before they Occur

Make sure your data has an impact. Alert your staff to potential interventions before injuries occur.

   Device Integration

One of the most time-saving solutions is the data transfer feature that connects the best sports science technology devices to the software. The convenience, time-saving, and reduction in manual input is one of our most popular features. See the complete list of devices we integrate with.

Integrated devices coachmeplus feature

Instant Data Collection

Use the latest sports science technologies and instantly capture and organize your athletes’ most complex data.


Get advanced athlete data points displayed across intuitive visualizations all housed within the athlete’s profile for easy access and implementation.

One Platform

Take data collected from many different sources and organize them on one intuitive platform so you can spend less time chasing data and more time analyzing it.

League Data Integration

Synchronize player stats with the merge tool, a progressive approach to athlete analysis. All leagues can combine league data with internal training and medical data.

All in One

House League data from the MLB, NBA, NFL, and many more to your athletes and analyze for things like High Intensity Effort and other metrics.

Detailed Reports

Pull up any imported league data for review. This puts you in control of your information, helping to understand trends and make informed decisions.

Universal Data Importer

The need to import any data set is a burden that every team needs to solve, and we designed a universal importer to handle the agnostic data challenge. Coaches can quickly upload various data sets with ease and speed.

Universal Data Importer CoachMePlus Feature


Use XLS and CoachMePlus together to write import templates for just about any kind of data. Take control of your spreadsheets and transform them into a functional solution.


Share data within your organization’s analytics department by helping break down silos. Any data that is entered into CoachMePlus can be reported on a scheduled basis, or manually when needed.

Functional Solution

Connect API integration with front office scouting and analytics platforms to control all your athletes’ data and make it work for you.

Affordable packages for any budget.


Use advanced sports science visuals to make informed decisions for your athletes.

   Performance Testing

Record your athletes’ current athletic condition for internal use to track progression and achieve game day success. Easily track improvements over time and adjust daily training to optimize results.

CoachMePlus advanced testing

One Rep Max Calculator

Measure a tangible baseline for your athletes and program using 1RM percentages to guide training.

Develop your Athletes

Assess your athletes’ abilities and set goals for your athletes to work at.

Organize Athletes Evaluations

Place all your athletes’ measurements on one platform for easy viewing. Organize important data and know exactly where to find key information.

   Report Generator

Create a clear summary of athletic training, rehabilitation, and recovery trends with the click of a button. The reports are vivid, easy to create, and can be exported.

CoachMePlus report generator feature

Find Key Information

Find essential data about any athlete, or group of athletes, instantly from the athlete profile.

Visualize Data

Analyze athletes training data displayed in advanced graphs and charts that can be exported or printed.

Monitor Athlete Progression

Track progression towards set goals to make sure your athletes are improving and ready for intense competition.

   Athlete Dashboard

A collection of real time dashboard visualizations of a specified athlete or group of athletes. Instantly visualize all your athletes key data  for deep analytical use.

CoachMePlus athlete dashboard

Instant Access

Quickly see a snapshot view into your athletes current condition and make on the fly decisions backed with sports science.

Centralized Data

Pull data from advanced testing, weight tracking, questionnaires, program builder, 3rd party data services, integrated devices and organize them on one easy to navigate dashboard to save you time and money.

Advanced Visuals

Expert crafted graphs and charts quickly deliver essential data pertaining to athletes or athlete groups.

   Dashboard Builder

Rapidly deploy a custom dashboard to see live data changes with athlete status. The Dashboard is robust and real-time, enabling teams to see both athlete readiness and training load.

Assessment builder CoachMePlus features

Complete Customization

Choose from over 20 charts, populated with whatever data you need to ensure you are intune with your athletes’ strength and conditioning.

Visualize How you Want

Easily move and adjust visuals within an athlete, or group of athletes, dashboard to prioritize essential data and save the hassle of pouring over excel files and pdfs.

Intuitive Builder

Easily build the exact layout you need to be informed and prepare your athletes for intense competition safely.

   Assessment Builder

Build assessment and assessment tables with thresholds based on moving averages, fixed variables or more. Share this information with decision makers in a clean and friendly way to create value in the information you are gathering.

CoachMePlus feature assessment builder

Manage with Ease

Monitor an entire team of athletes for key metrics on one screen. Constantly be connected to your athlete’s current condition and make key training decisions based off of real data.

Bird’s Eye View

Combined with the Assessment Monitor Coach’s can quickly assess an entire teams training condition and game day readiness with ease.


Any assessment built using the assessment tools can be used to communicate with your staff via Monitors, Email or SMS.

Athlete alerts CoachMePlus feature

Keep Athletes Healthy

Stop injuries before they happen. Get an alert when an athletes metrics show potential damage.


Create alerts based on key assessments specific to your team’s needs. Alert staff of needed interventions.


Encourage participation and increase compliance with real-time communication of any measurement in the system.

Coachmeplus leaderboard on tv monitor features

Increase Motivation

Safely encourage athletes to push their training to the next level with a competitive leaderboard based on key training metrics.

Fits your Organization

Select any data measurement in the entire system to display compliance and growth specific to your organization’s needs and culture.

   Algorithm Engine

The algorithm engine is a flexible and intelligent feature to teams and organizations that demand the ability to create custom testing entries and calculations for continual needs. The platform is a fluid solution for coaches and staff to independently build internal analysis for deep statistical needs.

Algorithm Engine CoachMePlus Feature

Deep Customization

Build your own data fields, groups, relationships, and of course algorithms. Combine your proprietary algorithms with CoachMePlus’ advanced reporting, organization, and visualizations.

Increased Efficiency

Unchain your data from your desktop spreadsheets and share it seamlessly with key decision makers in your organization.

Affordable packages for any budget.


Use a robust communication system to stay engaged with your team and staff.

   Phone Application

Coaches and Athletes use data science on the go with intuitive and clean iOS or Android phone applications.

CoachMePlus on phone application

Follows You

Athletes can access their workouts, questionnaires, and testing all from their mobile device. Anywhere there is a wifi connection your athletes can stay engaged with your training.

On the Fly Adjustments

Coaches can access players daily activities and edit freely. Make essential changes wherever you find yourself.

   Coach’s Notes

Conveniently annotate daily activities with the coach’s notes, a popular and requested option for staff. Notes are protected and easily accessible when needed.

Coaches notes on coachmeplus software displayed on laptop

Manage Daily Activities

Share your training knowledge with your athlete and staff by leaving notes on daily training activities.

Document Communication

Maintain a history of interactions with an athlete and review previous notes to develop insights about athlete development.

Athlete & Coaches Library

Store photos, videos, and other important content with the Athlete and Coach Library, the perfect repository for teams needing file sharing to be embedded and streamlined.

Organize Athlete Files

House all your athletes’ files under their easy to find dashboard.

Communicate with your Staff

Share essential files with decision makers on your staff to back training methodologies with sports science.

Stay Engaged with your Athletes

Share videos to educate your athlete. Create meal plans or nutrition guidelines and guide your athletes’ conditioning and health.

   In-App Messaging

Communicate internally with the messaging feature of the CM+ Suite. The messaging removes privacy challenges and solves the need to contact athletes instantly with a fully integrated mobile tool.

Organize Communication

Keep all team-related messaging on one platform to keep communication organized and productive.

Increase Efficiency

Have a not stop highway of communication between staff members and solve training issues quickly with organized messaging.

Maintain Private Conversations

Notes are safeguarded and organized allowing coaching staff the ability to freely communicate private discussions with fewer headaches.

Custom Roles and Permissions

Security and permission-based access is controlled through a robust permissions management system for groups and individuals.

Roles and Permissions CoachMePlus Features

Secure Data

All data is encrypted in transit, and at rest, which ensures that your data is secure.

Manage Platform Usage

Track account access and control blacklisting of any bookmarks, tablets, or accounts.

Support Articles and FAQs

The internal support page has an array of educational tools and videos to guide coaches on best practices when using CoachMePlus. The FAQ section is easy to navigate and answers the most common questions with coaches and support staff.

Video Walkthroughs

Follow along to detailed video walkthroughs on everything from basic usage to advanced data manipulation.

Software Feature Updates

Always be aware of new features and how to get the most from your athletes with our tools set.

Extended Support Package

For those teams and organizations needing additional service, the extended support package is the white glove treatment. Each team is fully supported with live expertise to handle the most difficult of environments.

Phone and Online Support

CoachMePlus support is second to none. Our experienced staff is competent, sharp, and equipped to handle any questions or concerns.


Our network of sports science consultants are available to help with everything from basics to building unique algorithms.

Personal Meetings

We recommend quarterly meetings during preseason, in-season, post-season and off-season. Here we review current status, goals, and recent trends in the industry.

Affordable packages for any budget.