Sport Scientist

Quantify Human Performance

Sport Science Software for Instant Data Visualization

The Applied Sport Science Suite: Instant Insights for Real-Time Training Improvements

Quickly plan and design training for your athletes. Daily monitoring for better sports performance. Prepare to Win.

Centralize Your Data

All your data, all your devices, all in one place. 

Instant Insights

Real-time and actionable performance data visualized.

Fully Customizable

Software that fits your training design and goals. 

“I think the mindset we have in using different technology and assimilating them with the CoachMePlus dashboard is that you aren’t looking to change everything you do. You are looking for that small marginal percent that can help you get better.”

Rick Franzblau, Director of Olympic Sports Strength & Conditioning

Clemson University

Collect. Analyze. Adjust. 


Questionnaires Answered

Automatically assign questionnaires to your athletes.



Pull in data from Timing Gates, Force Plates, GPS, VBT, and more.


Connect Your Devices

Stop cycling through spreadsheets in Excel. CoachMePlus pulls in all your data into one centralized location. It enables sports scientists to easily collect, store and analyze data from various sources, including wearable technology, strength and conditioning programs, and nutrition plans.

Features that made a difference

Everything you need to quantify athletic performance. CoachMePlus has an Athlete Management System (AMS) that provides real-time access to performance data, making it easier for sports scientists to monitor progress, track trends, and make informed decisions.

Athlete Dashboard

A collection of real-time dashboard visualizations of a specified athlete or group of athletes. Instantly visualize all your athletes’ key data for deep analytical use.

Athlete Schedule

The calendar feature guides daily workflows so each athlete is properly supported and organized. The athlete schedule is more than a calendar; it’s a collaborative solution that saves time and reduces headaches.

Universal Data Importer

The need to import any data set is a burden that every team needs to solve, and we designed a universal importer to handle the agnostic data challenge. Coaches can quickly upload various data sets with ease and speed.

Assessment Builder

Build assessment and assessment tables with thresholds based on moving averages, fixed variables or more. Share this information with decision-makers in a clean and friendly way to create value in the information you are gathering.

Advanced Testing

Record your athletes’ current athletic condition for internal use to track progression and achieve game day success. Easily track improvements over time and adjust daily training to optimize results.

Algorithm Engine

The algorithm engine is a flexible and intelligent feature to teams and organizations that demand the ability to create custom testing entries and calculations for continual needs