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Recovery in sports performance training is as vital to success as preparation. Recovery can include many components including stretching, nutrition, icing and stress management. Many professionals say consistency in daily monitoring of athletes is essential.

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David Good, strength and conditioning coach, for the NHL Nashville Predators approached CoachMePlus to help with the daily athlete monitoring for the hockey team.

He needed a questionnaire system to help monitor self-perceived athlete issues. He also needed a system to measure the fluid loss of the players and insure they were rehydrating properly and preparing for the next game or practice. He was also seeking to educate the athletes so they would become more responsible and knowledgeable about what they needed to do to recover from activity.

And, he needed them to embrace the realization that consistency was crucial – weigh-ins and hydration monitoring needed to be an automatic part of their day.


The CoachMePlus developers worked to create a daily questionnaire, reports and unique athlete dashboards specific to the Predators’ needs. The daily questionnaire allows the coaches to see the correlations between perceived issues and on-ice performance. At the hydration station, players’ weight is recorded before and after workouts. The data is then easily transitioned to the customized dashboards, showing both the players and coaches exactly how much fluid has been lost and what intake is needed as part of the recovery process.

CoachMePlus allows coaches to take control of their athlete’s data and customize it for their needs.

Product: CoachMePlus High School, Dashboards on Laptop


CoachMePlus made it easy and simple for the players to follow the coaches’ methods and guidelines. Coach Good feels hydration is the easiest and most important variable to control regarding recovery. He has seen first-hand the improvement as a team in their hydration monitoring. The individual fluid loss is less than it had been in the past and the players’ energy levels have remained at good levels throughout the grind of the season. The evidence can be seen in the team’s performance – more than 12 multiple-game win streaks during the 2014-15 season including a 5-game and 6-game streak. The team is sitting in the top-third of the league and in contention for a successful playoff run.

CoachMePlus has allowed me to evolve the way in which I communicate information to our players, coaches and management. From hydration station to daily reports to fitness test results, CoachMePlus is helping us monitor our players to insure everyone is fully informed and optimally prepared.

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