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Whitfield is the Co-owner of Gamers Baseball, an elite baseball and softball training facility located in Union County, New Jersey.

Although rooted in a rich history, the game of baseball has undergone remarkable changes due to the advancement of data analysis. This data revolution has radically transformed not only how the game is managed, but how it is taught and played. The proliferation of personalized data and analytics is now fundamental to maximizing a player’s development and specific skillset.

Multiple Testing methods in CoachMePlus

From arm speed to spin rates and launch angles, KPIs are everywhere in baseball and softball. And even as technologies for gathering player data continue to improve and become more prevalent, the ability to compile and implement said data is often too costly or time consuming for youth coaches and teams.

Gamers Baseball Academy, a premier baseball and softball training facility in Union County, New Jersey, was a prime example of this problem. Overloaded with terabytes of player analytics, the Academy lacked a conduit to organize and implement its data in a manner that improved player development and performance.

The Academy partnered with CoachMePlus to transform its wealth of player data into actionable and dynamic training methods. Rather than sifting through hundreds of spreadsheets or working across several different programs, CoachMePlus enabled the Academy’s instructors to mass upload and organize player data across a seamless platform. This integration eliminated the administrative costs associated with data collection, allowing instructors to spend less time in front of a computer and more time teaching.

The adoption of CoachMePlus also provided a significant competitive advantage in the form of increased transparency and understanding of a player’s progression. Because metrics, such as sprinting speed, average exit velocity, throwing velocity, etc., are tracked within detailed player profiles, instructors can optimize their programs on an individual basis. And since all data is charted and accessible 24/7 through the app, players can plot their progress as they develop.

Whether organizing and tracking advanced player data or providing instant access to a database of training videos, CoachMePlus has proven to be a gamechanger for the Academy’s training and player development endeavors.

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Features that made a difference

Report Generator

Create a clear summary of athletic training, rehabilitation, and recovery trends with the click of a button. The reports are vivid, easy to create, and can be exported.

Advanced Testing

Record your athletes’ current athletic condition for internal use to track progression and achieve game day success. Easily track improvements over time and adjust daily training to optimize results.

Athlete & Coach’s Library

Store photos, videos, and other important content with the Athlete and Coach Library, the perfect repository for teams needing file sharing to be embedded and streamlined.

Program Builder

Design and plan out a full workout with a full suite of programming tools. Easily build and assign training to all of your athletes. Take back your weekends.

Athlete Dashboard

A collection of real-time dashboard visualizations of a specified athlete or group of athletes. Instantly visualize all your athletes’ key data for deep analytical use.

Dashboard Builder

Rapidly deploy a custom dashboard to see live data changes with athlete status. The Dashboard is robust and real-time, enabling teams to see both athlete readiness and training load.

Hasani Whitfield
Co-Owner of Gamers Baseball
"The adoption of CoachMePlus also provided a significant competitive advantage in the form of increased transparency and understanding of a player’s progression."