Chicago White Sox
Professional Sports Success Story

The Chicago White Sox are using new sports science technology to track and analyze their athlete’s sports data. By utilizing CoachMePlus the White Sox are able to communicate with their athletes 24/7, track their athletes progress through the year, and work with the CoachMePlus programmers to build the exact tools they need to achieve game day success. CoachMePlus gives elite teams high-performance data all in one place. Read more about how the White Sox are utilizing CoachMePlus to redefine the way their athlete’s train.

How specifically does an MLB team like the Chicago White Sox use CoachMePlus to help train their athletes and win games? Watch, or read the transcript of, Senior Producer Bill Mahoney’s White Sox training video below.


In the CoachMePlus application, they’re able to get it on their phone they can see videos or comments or questions. They can send in a video that shoots right to me or Dale, or any of our staff and we can critique it and say, “No you need to do this, this, this”. So, it’s another way to communicate as far as the offseason. Click to learn how CoachMePlus lets you send workouts directly to your athletes.

Athlete Workout tracking


I think our program is designed for specific actions that we make on the field. There are a lot of good lifts out there, but you have to pay attention to the action and movement patterns that are portrayed on the field and what we try and do is come back inside the gym, see if we can manipulate and make an exercise something that looks like or emulates something that happens on the field.


It’s very easy to navigate through. For the players, they’re always on their phone whether in the weight room or not you know if they’re pulling programs or things of that nature you know it’s the PDA this is what we carry around and can just log in and get our work done that way. CoachMePlus’ full sports science suite is easy to use and drives results.


How I think CoachMePlus can go beyond this room: I said it’s a communication tool between all the different segments in an organization and it’s really a perfect parallel if you look at teams that win the World Series, or win a division, or have a good program, they’re always looking to find a piece to help the program.

Features that made a difference

Athlete Schedule

The calendar feature guides daily workflows so each athlete is properly supported and organized. The athlete schedule is more than a calendar; it’s a collaborative solution that saves time and reduces headaches.

Bluetooth Scale

This feature includes a wireless scale that connects directly into the CM+ platform. Each team or facility can efficiently weigh in and weigh out athletes without the need to manually input athlete body mass.

Hydration Station

This software solution transforms simple tracking into a pragmatic way to ensure athletes are hydrated using available hydrators in your facility.

Program Builder

Design and plan out a full workout with a full suite of programming tools. Easily build and assign training to all of your athletes. Take back your weekends.