Nashville Predators
Coach David Good of the Nashville Predators

David Good is the Strength and Conditioning coach for the NHL’s Nashville Predators, responsible for managing human performance at the highest level of hockey. Before coming to Nashville in 2004, Good served as the Director of Speed, Strength, and Conditioning for the West Coast Sports Medicine Foundation in Manhattan Beach, Calif. He served as the Assistant Speed, Strength and Conditioning Coach from 1997-99 with the Ice Dogs (IHL). And later held the same title with the Los Angeles Kings from 1999-2003. He also served as Strength and Conditioning Coordinator at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles from 1998-99.

Key Organizational Need: Daily Athlete Recovery Monitoring


Optimal Athlete Hydration is one of the best-established ways to improve athletic performance and reduce injury risk. Coach Good and the Predators needed a system to measure the fluid loss of the players and ensure they were rehydrating properly in preparing for the next game or practice. He was also seeking to educate the athletes so they would become more responsible and knowledgeable about what they needed to do to recover from the activity. He needed them to embrace the realization that consistency was crucial – weigh-ins and hydration monitoring needed to be an automatic part of their day.


CoachMePlus provided a complete hydration management system to Coach Good; allowing the Predators to track fluid loss after workouts and recommend specific drinks to their athletes. Players weigh in before they begin training. Once they complete their assigned workouts, they weigh out. At weigh-out, our custom algorithms create individualized hydration recommendations for each player which allow them to replenish their water, electrolytes, and potassium levels. The workflow allows Coach Good to manage the hydration levels of his entire team from one centralized location.

“CoachMePlus has allowed me to evolve the way I communicate information to our players, coaches, and management.”

Coach Good


CoachMePlus made it easy and simple for the players to follow the coaches’ methods and guidelines. Coach Good feels hydration is the easiest and most important variable to control regarding recovery: the individual fluid loss is less than it had been in the past and players’ energy levels have remained at good levels throughout the grind of the season. The evidence can be seen in the team’s performance – the Predators have made it to the post-season in 4 out of the last 5 seasons at the time of this article’s publishing.

FAQs about CoachMePlus + Nashville Predators

  • How does CoachMePlus compare to other hydration monitoring systems on the market?

CoachMePlus offers an industry-leading hydration tracking software and Bluetooth scale used by professional, collegiate, and industrial athletes while offering a world-class sports science solution. 

  • What specific data points does CoachMePlus track, beyond weight loss?

The Hydration Station tracks water, sodium, potassium, and electrolyte levels lost by users during their workouts to provide individualized rehydration solutions. 

Beyond hydration, CoachMePlus offers robust data tracking and reporting within our software, providing data and visualization/reporting options for workout completions, weight training, mental wellness, and more. Learn more about reporting in CoachMePlus. 

  • How much did it cost for the Nashville Predators to implement CoachMePlus?

Professional sports teams typically require Elite packaging and support to suit their performance necessities. Learn more about pricing tiers in CoachMePlus:

We offer standalone Hydration Station packages for organizations specifically looking to add hydration tracking to their locker rooms and facilities. Meet with an expert to learn more:

Features that made a difference

Hydration Station

This software solution transforms simple tracking into a pragmatic way to ensure athletes are hydrated using available hydrators in your facility.

Weight Tracking

This feature solves athlete body mass tracking with simple client weight entry and tracking. Weight can be entered manually or via device integrations.

Team Access Point

Centralized monitoring with the Team Access Point, using a team tablet or other devices, this feature allows the entire team to access their questionnaires, weight entries, testings, and workouts efficiently through one easy to use platform. An effective way to manage athletes and staff without complicated navigation.

David Good
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Athletes can easily weigh in before and after training sessions, allowing the Hydration Station's advanced algorithm to create restorative hydration suggestions.