Partners using a tablet with CoachMePlus at a warehouse

The CoachMePlus VAR Relationship – We Focus on the Software, You Focus on the Customer

The CoachMePlus software is the product of decades of work and tens of millions of dollars of investment.  New features and fixes are released every other week.  The platform consists of over 2.6 million lines of code, and it is result of thousands of requests, both large and small, from the nation’s leading nutritionists, coaches, and trainers.  In a “VAR” (Value-Added Reseller) relationship, you focus on the customer and their needs, and we focus on delivering a customizable enterprise software platform that you can adapt to meet the needs of your various clients.  You run the relationship with the customer, and we make sure you have the software tools to succeed.

VAR relationships are much more typical in the technology world, where some of the biggest names in software and hardware (Microsoft, Oracle, Dell, etc.) sell most of their products through a network of VARs.  A Value Added Reseller will develop expertise in a technology product, and provide a group of services around it.  A customer with a complex set of challenges is best served when a VAR walks in the door with a coordinated bundle of software, hardware, consulting, and services to address all of their needs.

Large Athlete Performance Groups

Trainer using tablet in weights room at the gym

Our VARs come in different shapes and sizes, but they are typically performance gyms with multiple locations and clients.  In addition to their own athletes, these groups will often have relationships with multiple groups including business organizations, Police and Fire organizations, healthcare providers, high schools, small colleges, etc.  The CoachMePlus platform allows practitioner groups (ATCs, S&C Coaches, nutritionists, OT/PT, and wellness coaches) to deliver a program to multiple organizations easily and simultaneously.  This relationship allows the performance group to closely monitor the client-athletes even when they can not be on-site on a daily basis.  In order to be considered for a VAR relationship, the performance organization should:

  • Be a current CoachMePlus client.
  • Be an expert in the CoachMePlus platform.  CoachMePlus is a very large piece of enterprise software that supports hundreds of possible configurations, workflows, and use-cases.  VARs must be able to understand the clients need and configure the client’s CoachMePlus installation to meet their needs.
  • Have an existing performance or fitness business with multiple existing business relationships with outside groups.
  • Preferably have access to a network of cross-discipline service providers (ATCs, S&C Coaches, nutritionists, OT/PT, and wellness coaches), that will allow the VAR to deliver a holistic solution to its customers.

As part of the VAR relationship, CoachMePlus provides training in the administrative tools that allow the VAR to customize the CoachMePlus platform for various clients.  This administrative interface allows the VAR to manipulate athlete groups, permission management, display monitors, dashboards, reporting, alerts, and to access Algorithm Engine.  Algorithm Engine is a flexible system that allows coaches to input their own proprietary formulas and use specific device data as an input to some of their own internal metrics.  VAR’s can use these tools to build their own methodologies – the ‘secret sauce’ for their relationships and clients.

Worker Safety and the Industrial Athlete

Industrial athletes at a large group training

Worker Safety and Industrial Athlete applications are excellent applications of the VAR business model.  Large businesses in a wide range of industries (including distribution, warehousing, manufacturing, mining, etc) spend significant dollars to improve worker safety, and wellness.  Fitness and wellness organizations that partner with a robust athlete management system such as CoachMePlus are well positioned to serve this very large market. With the CoachMePlus enterprise software and the VAR business model, fitness organizations can expand far beyond the four walls of their facility and tap into large new business opportunities.