Join Chase Pfeifer, President and CEO of Dashr Performance Systems and Michael Gallivan, Human Performance Specialist from CoachMePlus as they discuss the relationship between the two companies and some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Dashr and CoachMePlus integration.

Dashr is built for coaches to collect data and manage it however they want. CoachMePlus works to take the next step with this data regarding higher end analytics, data visualization, and expanding on the player profile side of things. 

FAQ #1

Are the gates part of CoachMePlus? How do they work together?

While Dashr gates are not a part of CoachMePlus, the two work in sync. Once testing is complete, CoachMePlus instantaneously pulls the data into their system. All Dashr users have to do is turn on integrations for CoachMePlus in their settings and the integration is seamless.

FAQ #2

How do I switch between my athletes if I am testing a whole group? How do RFID bands work?

There are a multitude of ways to identify athletes within Dashr. The first of which is with the use of RFID bands that are activated as athletes check in at each drill by bumping the band against an RFID module. This tells the system who is up and automatically saves the data accordingly. The RFID bands can be reassigned to different athletes so you do not need to have bands for each person participating. An alternative method is looking at your list of athletes within the app and selecting who is up to run. This method is cost effective but also calls for more manual input on the part of the coach. Additionally, coaches can assign numbers to athletes or distribute barcodes to help identify an athlete with their data. 

FAQ #3

What happens to the data? Do I use this instead of my spreadsheets? How can I share this information with my team?

CoachMePlus is designed to make things easier for the coach and give them access to more data. It is an easy transition from spreadsheets to the CoachMePlus system simply because everything is instantaneous. Once created, there are multiple ways to share the data with your team. First off, if an athlete has their own personal login, you can release information to their dashboard so that they can see it on their devices. However, if they do not have a login, the data  can be exported via PDF and you can pull out dashboards and reports for distribution. It is up to the coach on how transparent they want to be, but if you want to be fully transparent with your team, you absolutely can with just a few clicks.

FAQ #4

How are leaderboards and data visualization used?

In certain situations, teams and athletes will set up TVs in gyms or facilities that automatically update or refresh as the data is being pulled in. So if somebody takes over first place in a drill, athletes can all see that in live action which helps to grow competition and show people where they stand amongst their teammates. Additionally, the data is instantaneously delivered to the coach who has access to a wide variety of tables, charts, and graphs that auto populate in order to see results and trends of their athletes. The display allows for both coaches and athletes to easily digest the data in an effective and efficient manner. (More on how to set up a leaderboard in CoachMePlus)