Events, Conferences, & Tradeshows

Find us as we travel around networking. Check back in for updates as new events become available.


Connected Health and Fitness Summit

Shaping the future of the connected fitness market by showcasing innovation and facilitating partnerships.
February 8th-9th

Notre Dame Football S&C Clinic

With an impressive list of speakers, UND Football’s Strength & Conditioning staff is opening up their training center for this S&C clinic.
February 24th-25th


Learn and network while exploring and experiencing the latest platforms, leading-edge technologies and state-of-the-art networking capabilities that support the Sea Services’ operations.
February 13th-16th


NFL Combine

The PFSCCA Continued Education Sessisons and Awards Banquet for the NFL Strength & Conditioning Coaches are to be held in a 1-day format.
March 1st

PDAC Mining Convention

Explore opportunities in the mining industry and network with industry leaders at the world’s premier mineral mining convention.
March 5th-8th

NDIA 2-19 Human Systems Conference

Understanding the fundamentals of human systems design to optimize the performance of new technology as well as the servicepeople using htem in real-time high-stakes decision making scenarios.
March 1st-2nd


Multi-day networking event with different forumns to connect throughut mutiple industries.
March 10th-14th


CIMT Industry Day

11thInternational Conference of Managing Information Technology.
April 25th-26th


The biggest firefighting conference in the world.
April 26th-29th


NBA Combine S&C Show

NBA strength and conditioning coaches work together during in this networking event during this NBA combine multi-day event,
May 2023


NHL Combine

Join us at this year’s Combine for professional networking surrounding the NHL.
June 2023