CoachMePlus Integrated Device List

CoachMePlus integrates with all the best sports science technologies to give you the exact sports science data you need to achieve game day success

Wearable Devices

polar sports science logo

Polar uses a wide variety of wearable technology in addition to using the Polar GoFit app or the Polar Team monitoring system to formulate smart training plans, which can be modified to make the most out of their training sessions.

ithlete integrated device logo

Ithlete is a scientifically developed app that uses heart rate variability to measure your body’s response to each workout and improve overall performance and recovery while eliminating the risk of injury or illness from overtraining.

Whoop integrated device logo

Whoop is a wearable device with over 100 sensors and 100 MB of storage that tracks an individuals sleep needs and overall strain and exhaustion levels to optimize a recovery schedule and aid in recovery and injury prevention.

Zephyr integrated device logo

Zephyr Performance Systems make wearable technology to track physiological and biomechanical data that is then transferred to a custom OmniSense software to be displayed and interpreted to reduce the risk of injury when training.

BioForce HRV integrated device logo

BioForce HRV use a sensor that capture Heart Rate Variability to capture and display data with the use of a web and mobile application to enhance training, track an individual’s progress, and improve strength, power, conditioning, and overall fitness.

Firstbeat integrated device logo

Firstbeat is an analytical based system that tracks and collects data from various body functions like oxygen consumption, respiration rate, EPOC, and energy exertion which is used to effectively develop training and recovery solutions.

Fatigue Science integrated device logo

Fatigue science uses sleep and fatigue data, collected from the Science Readiband, to assist sports scientists, medical staff, and strength coaches in scheduling sleep schedules to ensure the athlete receives ample recovery time to maximize performance.

VXsport integrated device logo

VXSport combines cutting-edge hardware, easy-to-use software, and fully customizable wellness tracking system to drive improved decision-making in training through data tracking and workout planning tools.

Vert logo

MyVert uses a various assortment of wearable technologies that focus on tracking and monitoring an athlete’s lower body training performance to prevent and mitigate lower extremity injuries.

Athos Logo

Athos uses high performance base-layers equipped with sensors that send performance data to the Athos App to be analyzed by coaches and trainers, who can measure real-time muscle activation, contribution and overall muscle balance.

Stat Sports integrated device logo

STATSports utilizes an augmented GPS, a 400 Hz accelerometer, and Bluetooth LE to capture the most advanced tracking data which can be accessed via their data cloud on a wide array of devices using their user-friendly software.

Catapult integrated device logo

Catapult combines pinpoint positional data, derived from locally installed anchors, with high-quality inertial sensor information to create individual movement profiles which support tactical and physical performance analysis.

SMT logo

SMT uses the latest technology for in virtual insertion, Graphics, Data Integration, Information and Tracking systems to capture live and implement historical data to craft a custom story for any event.


GPSports EVO is an advanced load management tool, that will allow teams to reduce injury, improve performance and monitor rehabilitation.

Motus baseball logo

The lab-accurate Motus sensor is worn in a compression sleeve on the throwing arm, and sits just below the Ulnar-Collateral-Ligament (UCL). Each throw captures peak valgus torque on the arm, which is accumulated into state-of-the-art workload measures designed to help you train at your peak.

Athlete Measurement Devices/Systems

Elite Form integrated device logo

Elite Form uses its two programs (StrengthPlanner and PowerTracker) to make creating power and velocity workout plans easier and faster while also giving real-time feedback and providing an athlete with all the tools needed to access and perform the workouts from anywhere.

Fusionetics integrated device logo

Fusionetics is a performance health system that combines technology and training services which encourage player training and development through the use of standardized tests, and meaningful data reports to form personalized solutions.

Kitman Labs Logo

Kitman Labs is an athlete optimization system that uses simple tools for data collection to develop individualized reports for assisted decision-making to reduce the amount of time that athletes are injured in the short and long term.

Powertap integrated device logo

Powertap provides various biking parts, accessories and an application to measure overall power expenditure when biking and import recorded data into easy to understand the system to analyze ride metrics, such as training zones.

HRV4 Training Logo

HRV4Training is an application that measures heart rate variability without the use of a heart rate monitor, but rather cardiac volume and changes in the light which can be tracked and then used to optimize performance and prevent overtraining.

Swift integrated device logo

Swift Performance is a system that thoroughly analyzes speed and timing through the use of an easy to use the mobile app and a combination of various wireless dual-beam timing gates and accessories to test explosive speed, power, and agility.

Push Vital Logo

Push uses a system comprised of band equipped with a sensor to measure force and expenditure that can be tracked and analyzed, using the intuitive mobile app, to maximize an athlete’s weight room efficiency.

Nordbord integrated device logo

Nordbord by VALD Performance is an advanced tool that uses a pressure sensitive device, a user-friendly app, and cloud-based dashboard to monitor an individual’s or team’s hamstring strength and balance allowing for reduced injury risk.

Bod Pod integrated device logo

Bod Pod-Body Composition Tracking System is an air displacement plethysmograph that uses whole-body densitometry to determine body composition (fat and fat-free mass) accurately, quickly, and safely.

Inbody integrated device logo

InBody uses a set of electrodes present on a scale as well as two hand-held devices to determine a users body composition, and allow for the user to track progress over time.

Kistler integrated device logo

Kistler uses piezoelectric sensors to measure forces which in turn help to analyze various aspects of athletic performance and provide parameters which allow trainers to tailor training to enhance power, strength, balance, and stability.

Force Decks Logo

Force Decks is a dual force platform system captures data using the Force Decks software and provides instantaneous data that can be analyzed by strength coaches and sports medicine professionals to accurately track an athletes rehab and training.

Bod Pod-Body Composition Tracking System is an air displacement plethysmograph that uses whole-body densitometry to determine body composition (fat and fat-free mass) accurately, quickly, and safely.

Gymaware integrated device logo

GymAware is a system composed of individualized reports, a repository of strength-related data, an engaging software interface, and real-time leaderboards which are used to measure the overall performance in velocity based and power training.

Tendo Sports Machines integrated device logo

Tendo Sports Machines is a training system that uses various training tools to increase resistance, as well as collect data which is used to calculate bar speed and power output during training and testing.

Cycleops integrated device logo

CycleOps Power is an indoor bike trainer that connects to any training application and allows for the individual to train anywhere.

Axon Sports integrated device logo

Axon sports uses high-end programs and applications to provide deeper insight into athlete focus and concentration as well as into high-speed decision-making which allows users to make the most of cognitive training.

Stats Sports VU integrated technology logo

STATS SportVU utilizes a six-camera system installed in basketball arenas to track the real-time positions of players and the ball 25 times per second. Utilizing this tracking data, STATS is able to create a wealth of innovative statistics based on speed, distance, player separation and ball possession.

Inside Tracker Logo

We analyze your blood, your DNA, your lifestyle and nutrition habits, and tell you how to live, look, age, and perform better.

Mettler Toledo logo

Accurate and reliable weighing on Mettler Toledo Scale.

Body Metric Logo

Proven and trusted ultrasound technology that can accurately measure tissue structure and body composition.

Second Spectrum Logo

Use the most powerful video analysis tools to provide precise, actionable feedback.

Youtube Logo

Seamlessly upload Youtube Videos directly into CoachMePlus to continue your athletes’ development.

zFlo Motion Analysis System sports science logo

zFlo is a full-service motion-measurement provider. We offer everything from cameras, software, to IMUs, to EMG systems.


The world’s first and only wireless force plates. Built for purpose and built to last. Portable and battery powered for up to 10 hours of continuous remote testing.


The AccuPower force plate interfaces directly with a computer via USB or RS-232 connection and comes bundled with the powerful AccuPower software.

CoachMePlus Logo - Applied Sports Science Tool

This feature includes a wireless scale that connects directly into the CM+ platform. Each team or facility can efficiently weigh in and weigh out athletes without the need to manually input athlete body mass.

CoachMePlus Logo - Applied Sports Science Tool

Sports Performance & Injury Prevention Software used by Pro, College, & Youth teams and thousands of players.

3rd Party Data Services and Feeds

Elite Hockey Prospects Logo

Elite Hockey Prospects is a large database that houses statistical and transactional information about more than 600,000 international hockey prospects from various leagues and teams.

MLB Logo

Major League Baseball office of the Commissioner publishes the nightly roster of all major and minor league teams in the MLB.

NHL Central Scouting Logo

Central Scouting is a National Hockey League Department that ranks and grades NHL prospects in preparation of the NHL scouting combine and entry draft.

Stat Cast integrated device logo

StatCast is a high-speed, high-accuracy automated system used in Major League Baseball to track and analyze player performances such as home run distances and exit velocity as well as pitch speeds and pitch velocities.

MindBody integrated device logo

Mindbody is a mobile application that allows the user to expand their exercising habits, improve workout progress, and complete their workout goals with the help of the user review system as well as the daily planner and search tools.

CoachMePlus Logo - Applied Sports Science Tool

CoachMePlus integrates with many private APIs for its clients.


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