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Major fitness center and gym chain owners know the value of a connected member. You cannot substitute a fitness trainer for a fitness tracker or one of the many third party workout apps pushed via your favorite app store! You can finally stay connected to them and be the work out trainer they need with access to their progress 24/7!

What is CoachMePlus?

The digital CoachMePlus platform offers online program guidance, where you can design workouts customized for each client, or choose from a variety of pre-designed programs, from weight loss to athlete performance, saving you hours of design time.

Ask yourself – How many filing cabinets and excel sheets have you accumulated over the years? How well do you measuring the success of the clients, staff, or facility as a whole?

See and analyze results with the CoachMePlus digital hub. This digital hub gives you and your fitness center a central location to aggregate health, fitness and performance data, manage all of your workout plans, view assessment data, and even integrate third party wearables. By actively tracking and monitoring progress inside and outside of your fitness center, you will have more client data than ever before.

CoachMePlus simplifies the busy work to let you do what you do best.

Build workout plans you can save, tweak, test, and quantify.
Give your clients, your boss, and yourself results backed with real life data.

Build Custom workouts for your clients. Workouts, Wellness, Body Weight, Sleep, Hydration, Fatigue, Soreness, Wearable Data, Performance Data.

Your workout plans delivered anywhere, anytime.  Update clients in real-time.

Workout plans take time and resources, but with our CoachMePlus Workout Builder, you can easily create custom workout plans for fitness center members and personal training clients. As a personal trainer, you can set up and modify workouts at any time, track incorporated client biometrics, add custom exercise videos and more! Our system enables you to “stay engaged” with your clients, ask daily questions, and build up retention with you and the fitness club.

CoachMePlus strength building toolkit
  • Everybody’s got a different individualized program suited towards a different goal, and that’s something that CoachMePlus has helped me with tremendously.

    Steven Mack
    Steven Mack Owner, Head Trainer
  • CM+ system serves as a way to impact coaches and athletes at every competitive level—from high school to professional and the varying levels of collegiate competition.

    Scott Caulfield
    Scott Caulfield NSCA / Coaching Education Manager

Client Ready for Fitness Tracker. Every session – optimized.

Is your client ready to perform today? The CoachMePlus Ready for Fitness Tracker tool gives you a detailed understanding of how hard to push your client in today’s workout.

Data analysis & data visualization

Share your client’s’ success by showing them their progress using CoachMePlus Data Visualization. CoachMePlus offers data analysis of individuals or groups with easy to read data visualization dashboards.  Recieve alerts about client trends, and quickly identify when to intervene and keep your client engaged.

Personal trainer client dashboard

  • Personal Trainer
    $25 Monthly
    • 5 Clients
    • Unlimited Workouts
    • Hydration Preparedness
    • Athlete Work Score
    • Fatigue Monitoring
    • Sleep Tracking
  • Studio
    $150 Monthly
    • 50 Clients
    • Unlimited Workouts
    • Hydration Preparedness
    • Athlete Work Score
    • Fatigue Monitoring
    • Sleep Tracking
  • Enterprise Level
    • Custom Athletes
    • Unlimited Workouts
    • Algorithm Engine
    • High Performance Facility
    • Report Builders
    • Dashboard Builders
    • Device Integration
    • Data Import / Export

Don’t Lose Clients to a Personal Trainer App.

CoachMePlus has worked with the best in professional sports, providing tools for strength and conditioning, athlete readiness, and high performance.  Prepare your athlete with the best, and use what the pros use.