Join Michele Desser, Director of Education at Functional Movement Systems and Mike Zangl, Lead Performance Movement Specialist at FMS Health and Safety as they discuss the benefits of movement screening, and group testing.

What is FMS? 

The Functional Movement Screen is a 10 minute assessment that allows practitioners to identify strengths and weaknesses in the athlete’s movement. This allows for adjustments to account for weaknesses, and gives the green light to areas the individual is free to train without worry.

What is the benefit of using the Functional Movement Screen? 

This assessment is not diagnostic, but it does make patterns and limitations known. Through FMS you will be assigned corrective exercises to strengthen any weak movement patterns to a point where the individual is able to practice with load without fear of injury. The goal is to safely progress an individual to a higher level of performance. 

How does FMS transfer to large testing settings? (Industrial, College, HS, etc.) 

When there are large groups of people being tested, there is not the luxury of walking each person through the FMS 1:1 for 10 minutes or more each. You can set up stations and queuing so several athletes can be tested at once. If you are going to test several athletes at once, you will need to use an app an a connected device (like an iPad)