Strength and Conditioning Tools for High School Coaches

Safely prepare your athletes for
competition at any budget level.

Use what the pros use

CoachMePlus has worked with the best in professional sports providing tools for strength and conditioning, athlete readiness and high performance.  Prepare your athlete with the best, and use what the pros use.


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Product: CoachMePlus Elite Sport High Performance Builder
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Preparation starts in the weight room.  CM+STRENGTH gives you tools to build your workouts your way, and provides your athletes with access anywhere, anytime on our mobile app or printed view.

  • The NSCA is pleased to use tools like CM+ to leverage the effectiveness of real-time sports performance as coaches and trainers. The NSCA is committed to assisting our members as they affect the future of the strength and conditioning profession.

    Scott Caulfield
    Scott Caulfield NSCA / Coaching Education Manager

Save time

  • Workout planner
  • Flexible and date-based
  • Group or Individual
  • Your own videos and content
  • App or printed view
  • Exercise libraries available

Instant Insights

  • Group and individual dashboards
  • Attendance and compliance
  • Track progress over time
  • One place for all of your information
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Is your athlete ready to perform today? CM+READINESS gives you detailed understanding of what your experienced coach’s eye might already suspect. Now the tools are available to help you make safer, better-informed decisions.

Product: CoachMePlus High School, Dashboards on Laptop

Informed decisions

  • Intelligent alerting system
  • Real-time warnings
  • Individual trends over time
  • Instantly identify outliers
  • Connect work and fatigue

Sports science on a budget

  • Reduce injury risk
  • Increase athlete safety
  • Monitor and manage hydration
  • Understand fatigue
  • Communicate importance of sleep
  • Alert increased soreness or pain
  • Track daily, weekly workload
  • Our head coach can go in and at-a-glance, for example, see that our top 6-8 players are at an eight or nine then it is super easy for us to make a decision to say, “OK we need to back off or maybe we need to hold this girl out for practice."

    Melissa Terry
    Melissa Terry Ole Miss / Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach
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Use what the pros use!  CM+PERFORMANCE brings your facility into the next generation of athlete monitoring.  An integrated solution to increase compliance, alert issues, and inform athletes that you are serious about performance.

Real time

  • Hydration station increases safety
  • Group tablets for Readiness
  • Display alerts in real time
  • Performance leaderboards
  • Manage multiple locations

Increased visibility

  • Bluetooth CM+SCALE for daily weight
  • Manage daily activities
  • Improve facility workflow
  • Share progress with athletes
  • Communicate with entire staff

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