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Client management platform for every level of fitness from personal trainers to private gyms.

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Trusted to train over 100,000+ athletes and clients.

CoachMePlus allows me more time to communicate with my clients and focus on enriching our relationship.

Steven Mac
Owner, Head Trainer
Trainer Simple Solutions Fitness

It has streamlined my ability to design their programming and training throughout the year, and really monitor every single (client).

Steven Holt
Owner, Head Trainer
Steven D’s Strength and Conditioning

Unlock new revenue streams. Compete in the new digital age.

A solution for your client management needs.

Be More Connected

Workout plans take time and resources but with our Program Builder, you can easily create custom workout plans for fitness center members and personal training clients. Our system allows you to stay engaged with your clients, ask daily questions, and build up retention with you and the fitness club.


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Grow your fitness business by training clients online

Questionnaire phone for client pain and soreness body chart

Optimize Every Session

Is your client ready to perform today? Instant access to client data gives you a detailed understanding of how hard to push your client in today’s workout. Base training regiments on client questionnaires used by professional level sports teams.

Questionnaire phone for client pain and soreness body chart

Get a free guide to Load Management

Learn how to monitor client fatigue and wellness

Show Client’s Success

Share your client’s success by showing them their progress using the Athlete Dashboard. CoachMePlus offers data analysis of individuals or groups with easy to view dashboards.

Client weight change and wellness questionnaire

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✓ Program Builder
✓ Athlete Schedule


✓ Athlete Questionnaires
✓ Hydration Station
✓ Weight Tracking
✓ Team Access Point
✓ Assessment Monitor
✓ CM+ Bluetooth Scale
✓ Device Integration
✓ League Data Integration
✓ Universal Data Importer


✓ Advanced Testing
✓ Report Generator
✓ Athlete Dashboard
✓ Alerts
✓ Dashboard Builder
✓ Assessment Builder
✓ Leaderboards
✓ Algorithm Engine


✓ Phone Application
✓ Support Articles & FAQs
✓ Coach’s Notes
✓ Athlete & Coach’s Library
✓ In-app Messaging
✓ Custom Roles & Permissions
✓ Extended Support Package

A complete suite of tools for Trainers and Private Facilities