Applied Sport Science Digest #289

by | Mar 7, 2023

Email ImageFrontiers in Sports and Active Living | Feb 2023Thermal strain is greater in the late afternoon than morning during exercise in the gym without airflow and air conditioning on a clear summer dayThis study concludes that there is greater thermal strain in PM trial than in AM trial during team training sessions in the gym without airflow and air conditioning on a clear summer day.Learn More
Email ImageIncept Connect PodcastIncept Connect Video PodcastJohn Osberg sits down with Kevin Dawidowicz of CoachMePlus to discuss his views on performance, tech, entrepreneurship and much more.Learn More
Email ImageSpringer Link| Feb 2023Pre-sleep Protein Ingestion Increases Mitochondrial Protein Synthesis Rates During Overnight Recovery from Endurance Exercise: A Randomized Controlled TrialProtein ingestion prior to sleep increases both mitochondrial and myofibrillar protein synthesis rates during overnight recovery from exercise. The overnight muscle protein synthetic response to whey and casein protein does not differ. Learn More
Email ImageCoachMePlus | Jan 2023Industrial Athlete HydrationIndustrial athletes, also known as occupational athletes, are individuals who perform physically demanding work on a regular basis. See why managing their hydration is so important to them not only for their health, but even for their productivity.Learn More
Email ImageFrontiers Sports and Active Living| Feb 2023How to understand sports and traditional games and how to apply it to physical education. On the “Goal of Game”The conclusions collect some properties of the “goal of game” concept in order to propose its applicability in physical education students learning: identify and compare the main-motor-problems of the games; solve these problems during the game dynamics; transfer the procedures used to solve other games.