Applied Sports Science Weekly Digest #273

by | Oct 28, 2022

October 28, 2022 | Measures of falls efficacy, Wearables for Gait, Ketones, & More

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Wearables for Running Gait Analysis: A Systematic Review

It is well established that a contributing factor to RRI is abnormal running gait, meaning early detection of potentially harmful running gait pathologies is essential. Where biomechanics have been implicated, clinical running analysis has largely been limited to the use of subjective clinical observation or rating scales, which may not be sensitive to subtle changes in performance with training or injury 

Sports Medicine | October 2022 

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Exogenous Ketone Supplements in Athletic Contexts: Past, Present, and Future 

Of particular relevance to athletes are the metabolic actions of ketone bodies to alter substrate utilisation through attenuating glucose utilisation in peripheral tissues, anti-lipolytic effects on adipose tissue, and attenuation of proteolysis in skeletal muscle. There has been long-standing interest in the development of ingestible forms of ketone bodies that has recently resulted in the commercial availability of exogenous ketone supplements (EKS). 

Sports Medicine| October 2022 

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Measures of falls efficacy, balance confidence, or balance recovery confidence for perturbation-based balance training 

There is a growing interest in using perturbation-based balance training (PBT) to reduce falls. PBT is a skill training intervention that aims to improve reactive balance control in response to destabilizing perturbations in a safe and controlled environment… 

Front. Sports Act. Living | October 2022 

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Irisin is more strongly associated with leisure-time physical activity than resistin and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol are

Our aim was to analyze the relationship between serum irisin and leisure-time PA (LTPA) in a large sample of the general adult population, and secondarily, to evaluate its relationship with two PA-related biomarkers

Journal of Exercise Science & Fitness | October 2022 

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Prevalence, frequency, adverse events, and reasons for analgesic use in youth athletes

Analgesics are commonly used in youth athletes, but estimates vary depending on type of analgesic and prevalence measure. As the majority of studies were of poor methodological quality, future high-quality research should include prospective data collection of analgesic use to understand consumption trajectories. 

Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport| October 2022 

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