Applied Sports Science Weekly Digest #274

by | Nov 3, 2022

Return to Work, Visuomotor Performance, Range of Motion & more | November 4, 2022

Normative values and changes in range of motion, strength, and functional performance over 1 year in adolescent female football players 

Normative values for ROM and strength assessments of neck, back, trunk, hips, knees, calves and ankles are presented for adolescent female football players. Generally, fluctuations in ROM were small with little clinical meaning, whereas strength improved over 1 year. 

Physical Therapy in Sports | November 2022 

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Daily fluctuations in visual motion discriminability contribute to daily fluctuations in continuous visuomotor performance

In ball games such as table tennis, in which a ball moving at high speed is hit, the visual system in the brain processes the motion information of the ball to predict the arrival point and form a motor command for directing the racket there. Therefore, the quality of the visual information processing is an important factor in determining the quality of the physical movement that is subsequently performed. 

Front. Sports Act. Living | November 2022 

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Identifying current uses of return to work screening tests and their effectiveness of reducing the risk of reinjury in athletic occupations 

The results demonstrated very low level of certainty for the effectiveness of screening tests reducing the risk of reinjury. A gap in our understanding currently exists for the effectiveness of RTW screening tests in tactical athletic occupations following injury and further research investigating is required. 

Physical Therapy in Sports | November 2022 

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Exercise sustains the hallmarks of health 

The worldwide pandemic of physical inactivity should be a public health priority. It is well known that a healthy lifestyle is associated with a significantly lower risk of total mortality and a longer life expectancy.

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Timed “Max Effort” 

Strength is important for every athlete, but even more crucial is displaying it over the course of time. For anaerobic dominant athletes, the ability to access strength immediately and accelerate through range of motion (ROM) is paramount. For the glycolytic-aerobic dominant athlete, maintaining output over the course of the event is key. 

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