Applied Sports Science Weekly Digest #275

by | Nov 18, 2022

Resistant Training, Core Strength effects on Athletic Ability, and More

Effects of a 6 week core strengthening training on measures of physical and athletic performance in adolescent male sub-elite handball players 

The objective was to investigate the effects of a 6-week core strengthening training within the regular handball training sessions compared to regular handball training only. 

Front. Sports Act. Living | November 2022 

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How much resistance exercise is beneficial for healthy aging and longevity?

While optimal volumes of endurance-type exercise (aerobic moderate‐to‐vigorous PA (MVPA)) to reduce mortality from all causes have been suggested to amount to or even exceed 700 min per week, recent meta-analyses suggest that large amounts of RE may be associated with adverse outcomes. 

Journal of Sport and Health Sciences | November 2022 

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Unanticipated fake-and-cut maneuvers do not increase knee abduction moments in sport-specific tasks:

Implication for ACL injury prevention and risk screening In team sports, the majority of ACL injuries are non-contact in nature, with a subset of these occurring during cutting maneuvers. Young female handball players are at greater risk than their male counterparts. Athletes participating in ball sports are constantly challenged by interacting with teammates and reacting to opposing players while performing highly dynamic cutting maneuvers, both with and without handling a ball. In handball, video analysis suggests ACL injuries frequently occur during fake-and-cut situations. 

Front. Sports Act. Living | November 2022 

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Why people should run after positive affective experiences instead of health benefits: A decision-making perspective 

In the case of Physical Activity, decision-making could involve choosing between an exercise session or a competing sedentary alternative. This situation implies weighing the potential benefits and costs associated with the PA option against the potential benefits and costs of the alternative option.

Journal of Sport and Health Science | November 2022 

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Influence of Resistance Training Proximity-to-Failure on Skeletal Muscle Hypertrophy

 There was a trivial advantage for resistance training performed to set failure versus non-failure for muscle hypertrophy in studies applying any definition of set failure, with no moderating effect of volume load or relative load. 

Sports Medicine | November 2022

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