Applied Sports Science Weekly Digest #276

by | Nov 18, 2022

Subjective Wellness, Muscular Health and Skeletal Health and More

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Evaluating the relationship between neurological function, neuromuscular fatigue, and subjective performance measures in professional rugby union players 

When examining subjective or objective “readiness to train” markers, the practitioner is assessing an athlete’s response to training. It is now well established that this is a multi-factorial approach, and it is highly recommended that multiple measures are considered to assess an athlete’s “readiness to train” or reduce injury risk. 

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Quantifying Exposure and Intra-Individual Reliability of High-Speed and Sprint Running During Sided-Games Training in Soccer Players 

The objective of this systematic review and meta-analysis was to: synthesize the evidence on high-speed and sprint running exposure induced by sided games in adult soccer players, establish pooled estimates and intra-individual reliability for high-speed and sprint running exposure, and explore the moderating effects of game format and playing constraints. 

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NAD+ Therapeutics and Skeletal Muscle Adaptation to Exercise in Humans 

The aim of this review is to (i) provide an overview of NAD+ metabolism in skeletal muscle, (ii) discuss how diet and exercise interact to alter NAD+ content, (iii) highlight different oral supplementation approaches to manipulate NAD+ in vivo, and (iv) examine the feasibility of NAD+-targeted therapeutics to improve athletic performance in humans.

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Relevance and Effectiveness of Combined Resistance and Balance Training to Improve Balance and Muscular Fitness in Healthy Youth and Youth Athletes 

The objective of this scoping review was to describe the effects of concurrently performed balance and resistance training (i.e., metastable resistance training) and different sequencing schemes of balance and resistance training on measures of balance and/or muscular fitness in healthy youth and youth athletes. We additionally aimed to identify knowledge gaps in the literature. 

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