Applied Sports Science Weekly Digest #277

by | Dec 2, 2022

What’s The Latest With Applied Sports Science?

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Optimal integration of kinematic and ball-flight information when perceiving the speed of a moving ball

In this study, we examined the degree to which kinematic and ball-flight information are integrated when estimating ball speed in baseball batting. Thirteen university level baseball batters performed a ball-speed evaluation task in a virtual environment where they were required to determine which of two comparison baseball pitches (i.e., a reference and comparison stimuli) they perceived to be faster. 

Front. Sports Act. Living | November 2022 Learn More ›

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Mental Performance and Sport: Caffeine and Co-consumed Bioactive Ingredients 

This narrative review explores the mechanisms of action and efficacy of caffeine and the potential for combinations of caffeine and other dietary compounds to exert psychological effects in excess of those expected following caffeine alone. 

Sports Medicine | November 2022 Learn More ›

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Mechanisms for Combined Hypoxic Conditioning and Divergent Exercise Modes to Regulate Inflammation, Body Composition, Appetite, and Blood Glucose Homeostasis in Overweight and Obese Adults

In this narrative review, the effects of such diverse exercise and hypoxic variables on the systematic and myocellular mechanisms, along with physiological responses, implicated in the development of obesity are analysized. These include markers of appetite regulation and inflammation, body conformational changes, and blood glucose regulation.

Sports Medicine| November 2022 Learn More ›

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Stepping up with GGIR: Validity of step cadence derived from wrist-worn research-grade accelerometers using the verisense step count algorithm 

The aim of this study was to compare step cadence derived from the original and revised Verisense Step Count Algorithm parameters to concurrent waist-worn ActiGraph determined step cadence across slow, steady, and brisk walking, and running. 

Journal of Sports Science | November 2022 Learn More ›