Applied Sports Science Weekly Digest #278

by | Dec 23, 2022

What’s The Latest With Applied Sports Science?

Dispositional mindfulness and its relationship to exercise motivation and experience

Front. Sports Act. Living | December 2022

Overall, increased dispositional mindfulness may support a healthy relationship with exercise. These findings have implications for the utility of mindfulness interventions to support the regulation of exercise behaviors in service of enhancing exercise motivation and engagement. Learn More ›

Diet and Nutraceuticals for Mental and Physical Performance in Athletes

Sports Medicine | November 2022

This supplement stresses the importance of diet and selected nutraceuticals that may impact both the physical and mental performance of athletes. Learn More ›

Let’s Get Moving – The Global Status Report on Physical Activity 2022 calls for urgent action

Journal of Sport and Health Science | December 2022

Being physically active also has broader social and environmental benefits and has a key role to play in achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. However, over 80% of adolescents and around a quarter of adults are insufficiently active and these figures have remained largely unchanged for the past 20 years. A recent economic analysis estimated that the total cost of inactive lifestyles equates to USD 27 billion (INT 48 billion) annually. Learn More›

Effects of multicomponent exercise training on muscle oxygenation in young and older adults

Journal of Exercise Science & Fitness| December 2022

Though multicomponent exercise training was found beneficial in improving the physical functionality, the effects of multicomponent exercise training on muscle oxygenation are still unclear. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of multicomponent exercise training on muscle oxygenation in young and older participants. Learn More ›

Discovering the sluggishness of triathlon running – using the attractor method to quantify the impact of the bike-run transition

Front. Sports Act. Living  | December 2022 

Running in a triathlon, a so-called brick run, is uniquely influenced by accumulated load from its preceding disciplines. Crucially, however, and irrespective of race type, the demands of a triathlon always exceed the sum of its parts.  Learn More ›