Applied Sports Science Weekly Digest #279

by | Dec 23, 2022

What’s The Latest With Applied Sports Science?

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Indirect contact matters: Mid-flight external trunk perturbation increased unilateral anterior cruciate ligament loading variables during jump-landings

To determine the effect of unanticipated mid-flight medial-lateral external perturbation of the upper or lower trunk on anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) loading variables during jump-landings. Learn More ›

Journal of Sport and Health Science | December 2022 

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Personality and willingness towards performance enhancement and body modification

Willingness towards body modification was assessed using seven questions directly referring to different techniques and areas of body modification: use of muscle-building substances, undergoing liposuction, facial plastic surgery, surgical operation for weight control, silicone implantation, tattooing, and substance use for youthful appearance. Learn More ›

Front. Sports Act. Living  | December 2022 


A systematic scoping review of study methodology for randomized controlled trials investigating probiotics in athletic and physically active populations 

Probiotic research in physically active populations has expanded substantially, though data synthesis has been challenging given inconsistent research methodology and outcomes. Study methodology issues apparent in this systematic scoping review included reporting of probiotic viability, storage conditions, sample size, dietary practices, demographics, and safety data. Learn More›

Journal of Sport and Health Science | December 2022 

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Beyond cardiomyocytes: Cellular diversity in the heart’s response to exercise

Multiple cell linages contribute to the effects of exercise on the heart. Crosstalk among non-cardiomyocytes and non-cardiomyocytes to cardiomyocytes are necessary in cardiac response to exercise. Learn More ›

Journal of Sport and Health Science | December 2022 

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“You can’t shoot another bullet until you’ve reloaded the gun”: Coaches’ perceptions, practices and experiences of deloading in strength and physique sports

Deloading refers to a purposeful reduction in training demand with the intention of enhancing preparedness for successive training cycles. Whilst deloading is a common training practice in strength and physique sports, little is known about how the necessary reduction in training demand should be accomplished. Learn More ›

Front. Sports Act. Living  | December 2022