Applied Sports Science Weekly Digest #280

by | Dec 30, 2022

What’s The Latest With Applied Sports Science?

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Acute effects of jaw clenching while wearing a customized bite-aligning mouthguard on muscle activity and force production during maximal upper body isometric strength

This study demonstrated that jaw clenching, with and without MG, may be a good strategy to elicit the CAP phenomenon, which seems to promote ergogenic effects in upper body isometric force production.

Journal of Sport Exercise Science & Fitness | December 2022 Learn More ›

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The swing performance Index: Developing a single-score index of golf swing rotational biomechanics quantified with 3D kinematics

In this initial analysis, an index derived from peak pelvic rotational velocity pre-impact, pelvic rotational velocity at impact, and peak upper torso rotational velocity post-impact demonstrated strong predictive performance to differentiate pro from amateur golfers.  

Front. Sports Act. Living  | December 2022 Learn More ›

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Frontal plane projection angle predicts patellofemoral pain: Prospective study in male military cadets

Participants who developed PFP had a number of physical factors significantly different than the non-injured group, most predictive was a larger FPPA during SLL, with angles greater than 5.2° associated with a 2.2x greater risk.

Physical Therapy in Sports| December 2022 Learn More ›

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Keeping Your Clients Motivated with their Training Goals Post-Resolution

As a coach, keeping the excitement and motivation that comes on January 1st alive until February 1st, and March 1st can feel intimidating. But fear not, CoachMePlus can help keep your clients and athletes engaged throughout their performance transformation. 

CoachMePlus | December 2022 Learn More ›

Implementing Carries with Tactical Athletes 

Using carries as an exercise helps develop a strong base of general physical preparation (gpp), and even though many tactical athletes will carry things in the field—odd objects, people, their loads, etc.—I still focus and train carries as a gpp-based exercise, not overcomplicating the task. 

SimpliFaster | December 2022 Learn More›