Applied Sports Science Weekly Digest #285

by | Feb 3, 2023

What’s The Latest With Applied Sports Science?

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Effect of acute ankle experimental pain on lower limb motor control assessed by the modified star excursion balance test

The objective of this study was therefore to assess the effect of acute ankle pain on the modified Star Excursion Balance Test reach distance.

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The Psychology of Athletic Tapering in Sport: A Scoping Review

Research suggests taper improves athletic functioning but may be a unique stressor for coaches. Both athletes and coaches psychological state during taper are likely influenced by personal and situational factors. 

Sports Medicine | January 2023 Learn More ›

The 3Ps: A tool for coach observation

There is growing recognition of the value of “in situ” coach development practice across a variety sporting contexts. Unfortunately, however, there remains a limited number of tools available with which to observe coaching practice. In this study, we pilot and test a quasi-systematic tool for observation in the form of the 3Ps. Drawing on a range of representational perspectives, the theoretically neutral labels of “procedure”, “planning”, and “process” were developed for the purpose of holistic observation.  

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Goal Setting in the New Year

Join us as we talk with Drew Hammond, Holistic Health and Fitness director for the 44th Medical Brigade, about goal setting and how we can set ourselves up for success this year! We also hear from SGT Vincent Leonard, from the 62nd Medical Brigade, about his experience utilizing H2F to help him set goals after an injury. 

The FORSCOM Frontline | February 2023 Learn More ›

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The effect of small-sided games using the FIT LIGHT training system on some harmonic abilities and some basic skills of basketball players

The aim of this research is to identify the effect of Small-sided games using the FITLIGHT training system on some of the harmonic abilities and some of the basic skills of basketball Players. 

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