Applied Sports Science Weekly Digest #290

by | Mar 10, 2023

Email ImageFrontiers in Sports and Active Living | Mar 2023Step-adaptive sound guidance enhances locomotor-respiratory coupling in novice female runners: A proof-of-concept studyLRC guidance led to a large significant increase in frequency coupling. There was large inter-individual variability in running pace, preferred LRC ratio, and instruction adherence metrics. Learn More
Email ImageFuture of FitnessFuture of Fitness PodcastAfter 20 years of working side-by-side with strength and conditioning coaches, Kevin Dawidowicz provides guidance on product initiatives for industry-leading technology used by the United States Navy (USN), United States Air Force (USAF), and other Department of Defense (DoD) organizations.Learn More
Email ImageScience Direct| Feb 2023Validity and reliability of upper extremity star excursion balance test in adolescent swimmersUESEBT was found to be a reliable and valid tool to screen upper extremity dynamic balance among adolescent swimmers. UESEBT provides more detailed information in eight directions to assess the upper limb sport performance. Learn More
Email ImageScience Direct | Feb 2023Hamstrings fatigue does not improve quadriceps function in individuals with anterior cruciate ligament reconstructionThe observed reductions in quadriceps neuromuscular function may suggest involvement of central fatigue mechanisms, which should be explored prior to recommending hamstrings fatigue as a therapeutic intervention.Learn More
Email ImageSpringer Link| Mar 2023Estimating the Effect of Aerobic Exercise Training on Novel Lipid Biomarkers: A Systematic Review and Multivariate Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled TrialsAerobic exercise training positively impacts atherogenic lipid and apolipoprotein ratios, alipoproteins, and lipoprotein sub-fractions; and antiatherogenic apolipoproteins and lipoprotein sub-fractions. Cardiovascular disease risk predicted by these biomarkers may be lowered when AET is prescribed as treatment or prevention.Learn More