The Sports Hydration Station: A Perfect Athlete Hydration Solution

by | Feb 22, 2023 | SportLab

Hydration Station with CoachMePlus

Hydration Station is the perfect way for athletes to access their daily hydration levels. It can help by preventing dehydration while allowing athletes to learn more about their individual needs. This will ultimately help them perform at their best and to recover more efficiently.

The Hydration Station module tracks each athlete’s fluid loss during their workouts while giving advice on the body’s rehydration needs. CoachMePlus’ hydration module offers each of the hydration options that are available at your facility. It also displays dials that will show the athlete what electrolytes they need to hydrate after a workout or competition. As they make hydration selections, the dials will fill in to indicate when the electrolyte refueling has been satisfied.

Along with the Hydration Station, there are alot of other things athletes should be educated about to reach their full athletic ability. Most athletes are aware of dehydration but a lot of people aren’t aware of hyperhydration. Hyperhydration involves excessive intake that can lead to dizziness, headaches, and other adverse effects in the body.

Hyperhydration and Dehydration


Dehydration occurs when the human body loses more water than is being taken in. It’s the result of the body not having enough water and other fluids to carry out its normal functions. It’s not uncommon for athletes to lose a lot of body water during activity. Due to this, having a plan for preventing dehydration is imperative for athletes, coaches and other practitioners involved in the athletes’ performance and recovery.

If an athlete does show symptoms of dehydration it will show through their physical performance and their psychological performance. Dehydration can also lead to heart problems, kidney failure, chronic diseases, and other effects within the body. 


Hyperhydration is an excessive amount of body water in the body and this could come from a high volume of water intake or the body hasn’t released the excess fluids. Athletes experiencing this can also have side effects like headaches, nausea, and insufficient performance levels. 

Fluid Replacement to Stay Hydrated

All athletes, coaches, and trainers should be aware of the ways to stay hydrated. Creating a hydration plan is the best way to do this. CoachMePlus gives physically active people the ability to generate their own individualized hydration plan. The module takes into account the athlete’s body weight and workouts to give them an accurate and healthy hydration

The Key to Hydration

Aside from calorie beverages and other supplements, water is one of the most crucial nutrients the human body needs to stay alive. The average human rehydrates themselves with food and other liquid drinks so the importance of water is occasionally forgotten by the world. 


Gaining knowledge on hydration is important not only for athletes, but also for the average person. This is because preventing dehydration will bring a healthier life to them and aid in injury prevention. Everyone’s body is different so it could be difficult trying to find programs that work for you. CoachMePlus individualizes every hydration plan for every unique person based on fluid and electrolyte loss through its Hydration Station.