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Keeping star athletes healthy and at their peak performance level is critical to the on-going success of a team. Athletic trainers, strength & conditioning coaches, sports science directors and sport coaches all play a role in monitoring the health and performance of elite athletes.

One critical component in performance monitoring is measuring cardiac, metabolic and central nervous system readiness. Tracking how an athlete’s body is responding to previous exertion influences future training sessions and game-day readiness. At the request of Kentucky Football, CoachMePlus worked to integrate data from readiness monitors such as Omegawave.

By providing real-time device data and insight into athletes’ conditions, CoachMePlus can provide coaches with physiological information about their athletes. By displaying the device-generated readiness information next to GPS load data, daily hydration, coaches’ notes and body composition, coaches can get a quick and comprehensive view of each athlete on their entire roster.

University of Kentucky: Erik Korem, Strength and Conditioning Coach Headshot

Erik Korem,
High Performance Coach

Erik Korem, High Performance Coach for the University of Kentucky football program, has been working with the team at CoachMePlus to develop unique reports and player dashboards to transform the way he monitors the Wildcat football players.

Interview with Erik Korem

How long have you been using CoachMePlus?

We have used the system for 8 months.

What is “response to load” in athletics?

External load is what the athlete is subjected to during a training session.  For example: the distance covered, tonnage lifted in the weight room, player load calculated by Catapult or any other training variable.

Has the CoachMePlus system helped you share recovery information with your athletes?

More than anything it has helped me show the players WHY they need to recover.  By allowing the athletes to “own” their data it makes our job easier in regards to getting athletes to do the extra things required to perform at a high level.

How has combining the different sources of athlete data helped you monitor your athletes?

I can make quicker decisions.  Instead of going through three or four databases I can quickly see all of the data I need to see.

What do you like about using the CoachMePlus integration with HRV and readiness monitoring devices such as Omegawave

The integration of seeing the Omegawave readiness data over-laid with wellness and other internal load metrics gives me greater confidence in making adjustments to training.  And it saves me TIME!

If monitoring is not part of your daily rhythm then it is hard to know where the athlete is trending, and without regular monitoring it is like closing your eyes and throwing a dart at the board…good luck on hitting a bullseye!

By integrating with numerous wearable and measurement devices, CoachMePlus develops unique reports and dashboards for teams that allow faster, more accurate and all-encompassing data delivery; ultimately improving an athlete’s game-day readiness.

The ideals and research behind sports performance and exercise physiology have been around for decades. Today, the use of technology is transforming the practice of sports performance evaluation. Playing a leading role in the arena is CoachMePlus. Headquartered in Buffalo, NY, CoachMePlus works with professional and collegiate sports teams to manage their athletes’ sports performance data.

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