Practice Holistic Health this Halloween

Halloween, the spookiest and most candy-laden holiday of the year, can be a real test of our commitment to holistic health. As we prepare to celebrate, it’s essential to consider not just our physical well-being but also our mental and spiritual health. We are going to look at how we can keep all five pillars of holistic health on this ghoulish holiday.



Safety should always come first. If you or your children are venturing out in the dark, wear reflective items on costumes or clothing, ensuring you’re visible to passing vehicles. Prioritize safety over style; it’s a small but crucial adjustment.


Whether you’re trick or treating, going to a corn maze, or any other festivities, t’s important to be aware of the amount of walking you’ll be doing and choose appropriate footwear and clothing. Comfortable shoes, (maybe waterproof) and layered clothing can make the difference between a pleasant outing and a miserable one.


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And of course, the sweets! Candy, cookies, popcorn, libations – oh my! Halloween is full of undeniable temptations. However, mindlessly indulging in it can have negative consequences for your health. Instead, have a plan. What will you do with leftover sweets? (Consider donating some of the candy to a local shelter or food bank to promote community well-being.)  How will you stay hydrated? Make sure you have water and electrolytes readily available all evening. 

Mental Health

Halloween often brings with it feelings of indulgence, followed by guilt or anxiety about the extra calories consumed. It’s essential to be kind to yourself. Enjoying a treat now and then is perfectly okay, and it shouldn’t negatively affect your mental health. Avoid guilt-tripping and instead focus on the joy of the holiday, spending time with loved ones, and creating lasting memories.

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Reaching out for help is simple in CoachMePlus, if you tend to have anxiety about social pressures, overeating, or any other aspects of the holiday, reach out before Halloween to make a plan with your support system.

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Sleep routines will be all thrown off on a holiday like Halloween. Some people may have activities all weekend leading up to the big day. If you intend to stay out late, have a plan for catching up on rest and sleep. You don’t want the monster on Halloween to be you! 



Holistic health encompasses not only the physical and mental but also the spiritual. Halloween’s origins are rooted in various spiritual traditions. Halloween is often associated with superstitions and ghostly and ghoulish stories. If this is your type of holiday, embrace it! Just don’t invite any demons into your home metaphorically… or literally. 


Make safe choices, be mindful of physical activity, plan your candy consumption, prioritize your mental health, and respect the spiritual aspects of the holiday. By doing so, you can enjoy Halloween to the fullest while maintaining your overall health and well-being.