Tips on Building a Strength and Conditioning Resume

by | Jan 13, 2023 | Academy

A Strength and Conditioning Coach resume should include your professional experience, certifications, and education, as well as any relevant skills or training. In the S+C field, you’ll want to use action-oriented language and quantify your accomplishments with specific numbers and examples.


A brief statement that highlights your qualifications and experience as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. You should begin stating your direct accomplishments in this paragraph as well as briefly listing any relevant clients or programs you’ve been a part of.


List your degree(s), school names, and any relevant certifications you hold. Some people choose to include their GPA and other relevant degree information. A common example for certifications would be your Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (CSCS) from the National Strength and Conditioning Association, if you have one. If your list of education and certifications are both fairly robust, you may consider dedicating each their own sections.

Work Experience

Include all of your relevant work experience, including the company name, job title, job description, your responsibilities, and your accomplishments in that role. You may want to put this section before your education if you have ample experience. However, if you’re a recent graduate, you can put it after.


Here is your opportunity to highlight all of your skills related to the position and further help you to stand out as a candidate. This includes your areas of expertise, experience with specific techniques or equipment, knowledge of different software and computer programs, and other skills that show that you are qualified and the best fit for this role.

Professional Affiliations

You can easily incorporate many professional affiliations either behind your name or with your skills section. However, if you have many, you may want to include this as a separate section to highlight it as one of your strong points.


You can include any awards you’ve received here for your work as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. This section can be especially beneficial if you have little experience. Feel free to include background information on how you were able to receive these awards to further qualify you for the position.

Volunteer Experience

Adding any volunteer experience specific to your field is great and can help show your value. However, any volunteer work is beneficial to mention as it can help to show your character and interests.


Generally, you don’t need to put your references right on your resume, especially if it is starting to become cluttered. If the position specifically requests references, you’ll likely want to add them to the bottom in their own section. Some people also choose to write “references available upon request,” at the bottom instead.

Many aspects of building a Strength and Conditioning Coach resume are fairly universal with other careers. Include all of your relevant experience and knowledge in a way that fits the tone for the S+C position to which you are applying. Keep the information succinct and clear so that your S+C resume tells a persuasive story about you. Good luck!

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