What does an Athlete Management System do? 

Athlete Management Systems (AMS) are expanding to do more than ever before. But with all the features and integrations, it is important not to lose sight of why AMS systems can be an essential tool to any athletic or fitness organization. Athlete management systems allow coaching relationships to develop outside the traditional constraints of time and proximity. A good coach and athlete relationship is built on trust and understanding the personalized goals of the athlete. By using an AMS, coaches and athletes can develop strong relationships inside and outside of the training facility. 

Note: CoachMePlus is designed as a Human Performance Software that goes beyond an Athlete Management System. To us, a “coach” can refer to a physical therapist, strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer, athletic trainer, military leadership, or other human performance monitoring roles.

The job of an AMS is to allow coaches to communicate and monitor their athletes and provide context to the data that is being collected. Expected functions include the ability to assign workouts in an app, pull in information from wearable devices, and monitor load and progress. These functions are only useful if they are combined to add transparency into the workload and lifestyle of the athlete. Tools like Subjective Wellness Questionnaires and Load Monitoring can be used to help make on-the-fly decisions about training and recovery though the use of alerts, dashboards and reports. 

Benefits of an Athlete Management System

Save Time 

Athlete management systems streamline every step of the coaching process. From testing and programming, to analyzing and adjusting plans. When building a workout plan for an athlete, regularly scheduled set and rep progressions can easily be made into a test for updating key performance indicators such as one-rep-maximum (1RM). 

This allows workouts that are based on 1RM to automatically update with the given information to help personalize the experience for the athlete. If the same program is assigned regularly, an athlete’s workouts scales as the athlete’s strength and ability scales. This also helps when assigning workouts to groups of people; the workout is tailored to their abilities, while keeping in line the group’s goals.

With an athlete management system or athlete management software, there is less paperwork to process. There is no need for endless excel documents. This allows coaches to focus on the important parts of human performance improvement. (Gyms, clubs, and personal trainers specifically can Monetize Online Training Services with a system like this.)

Improve Communication with Athlete Management Software

Good relationships are built on good communication. CoachMePlus offers in-app messaging to groups or to individuals. File sharing between coaches and athletes is very simple too. Store photos, videos, and other important content with the Athlete and Coach Library, the perfect repository for teams needing file sharing to be embedded and streamlined. With all this data flowing back and forth, you don’t need to worry about privacy challenges. CoachMePlus allows coaches to manage permissions for their organization and athletes so they can access a personalized experience on any mobile device.


The calendar features include a full workout builder with all programming tools you would expect to include videos and instruction, allowing you to design an entire training plan that’s easy for any athlete—no matter their sport or skill level. You can easily build and assign personalized workouts across your team in just minutes thanks to the simple-to-use interface of our athlete management system. 


The need to import any human performance data set is a burden that every team needs to solve, and we designed a universal importer for teams of all sizes. Coaches can quickly upload different types of training or fitness related datasets with ease, which means they’ll have less time on the sideline recovering from training injuries so they can focus more heavily on coaching their athletes. 


Engage athletes with live dashboards showing real-time performance information. Coaches can view real-time performance data and fitness levels, compliance, and training readiness. 

Training assessment – not just strength-based assessments, but also functional movement screening tools, sleep, mood, stress, and wellness questionnaires. With so much information out available to coaches, assessing how individuals have performed over time has never been easier.

Assess the quality of your training sessions through a variety of metrics, including heart rate, sets, reps, intensity, training load, and more. Track progression towards set goals to make sure your athletes are improving and ready for intense competition.

Who can benefit from having an Athlete Management System?

Gym Owners

AMS systems give people the ability to coach remotely or implement a hybrid in-person/online training program. CoachMePlus allows you to communicate with your members through their mobile devices and track their fitness progress. Both the members and gym owners benefit from the ease and transparency in workout programs. Trainers save time, increase retention rates, and provide accurate data about progress. Read More 

Strength and Conditioning Coaches

Human Performance Software helps coaches maximize the potential of the full team of athletes. Coaches can assign workouts based on position, or to each player individually. Professional sports teams like the Chicago Bulls, Nashville Predators and the Buffalo Bills have all benefited from Athlete Management Systems. Many high school and university coaches have used our software to manage individual and team growth. AMS systems provide coaching staff with transparency on progress and potential recovery or performance issues with players. Read more 

Physical Therapists

Therapists can help with many aspects of life including injury prevention, range of motion, rehabilitative care programming, recovery programming, ergonomics, and more. An athlete management system can be used for patients that may be experiencing pain or discomfort or rehabilitating after an injury. The body needs a balance between mobility and stability to avoid injury and physical therapists use athlete management systems to assess movements and improvement. 


Monitoring warriors’ readiness is just as important during peacetime and training periods and makes them a suitable candidate for athlete management software. Success relies on proper preparation, so it’s vital that commanders receive the information they need to make decisions about what is best suited for their own command. It’s crucial that evaluations be tailored to each unique command because different requirements can greatly affect performance metrics like strength or physical fitness levels when evaluating them against other units in a larger force structure. Evaluate your unit by taking into account all aspects such as skills learned throughout activities, injury rates from both combat-related injuries and noncombat related incidents, fatigue levels among troops who must balance both military and family roles simultaneously. Read More

Workplace Management / Industrial

The aging US workforce will require employers to implement programs that reduce the cost of musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries. Current options are inefficient and lack 1:1 coaching, which can lead to a high rate of failure in driving interventions at scale for MSK conditions such as low back pain, shoulder mobility or other overuse related injuries. More testing technology options have become available as wearables become more commonplace. Our platform provides a future-proof position as practitioners update hardwares and technology as it evolves.  As these factors change, it is crucial for providers who want to enter their practice field be up-to-date on recent innovations so they provide patients with improved care outcomes while also reducing costs associated with treating overuse and role-specific injury issues.

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